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repiercing a septum

ago I had gotten my septum pierced for the first time. About 2 months ago I decided to take out all of my body piercings, except for the ear piercing. At the time I had my septum, my lip, my tongue and both nipples pierced. It was something of a clarifying experience for me. However, in the end I realized I couldn't live without the septum piercing. So, yesterday while my best friend and I were out for the day, I decided that I really couldn't wait any longer to have my septum repierced. I called up the lovely Margie, to see if she was in for the day, in finding out that she was, we made our way to Derry. When we arrived, I told her of the fact that I had previously had my septum pierced, wanted to do it again and that I wanted her to do it. I then went on to explain that I wanted a 12 gauge circular barbell, so that I could twist it up if need be. I selected some jewelry, and off she went to the autoclave to get it ready for me. There was about a 20-minute wait, as she also had to have a table in the piercing room leveled. (apparently, the floor was a bit crooked). During the 20 minutes, I had become a bit nervous, as I always get myself before I am pierced. She had me go up to the piercing room, we discussed placement and she told me why the piercing was done the way it was, why you shouldn't ever hit the cartilage while doing them and why she wanted me to lie down while she did it. She showed me the needle and the pliers (used to open the jewelry a bit) both still in the autoclave plastic, and had me sit on the table. She cleaned my nose with iodine and then had me lie down. I closed my eyes for the entire experience, so I can't tell you what it all looked like ... but I can certainly tell you what it felt like. She lined up the needle and the receiving tube, had my breath in, and then exhale as the needle went through. I knew what to expect having had it pierced once before. My eyes teared up but, other than that, I was fine. She left the needle in for a minute, asked me if I was OK, and then got ready to slide the jewelry through, the pressure ebbed off a bit when she did that. The pain was a bit more than it had been when I first had it done. But the first time I had it done I had it pierced at a 14 with a 14 gauge needle, and this time it was pierced with an 11, so it could be a half size up and the threaded jewelry (a 12) wouldn't catch on the fresh wound. Afterwards I sat up, not very dizzy at all, and I was all grins. My face looked 'right' again. I paid her. $55 including jewelry, and off we went. Into the frigid cold, my nose became numb, I felt so alive. Afterwards I began analyzing my reasoning behind getting repressed, Knowing full well that it was in part for the same reason I had gotten my septum pierced for the first time, reclaiming my body, as mine. After being victimized by something like rape, I started to feel like I had no control over anything, I KNOW it was my way of taking my body back. It had been a year, I knew that I had grown so much from the fragile person I was when I first got it pierced. Having it done by someone who told me what gauge I wanted to pierce it at, and what jewelry I wanted it done at. I feel like I have come so far. Deciding exactly what is going to happen to my body and when.

It has been about a month since i got it done now, and it is healing beautifully. I am very pleased with it. The ring has bigger balls than i would like, as when I swing it up inside my nose, breathing becomes a bit more difficult. I sopose it might have something to do with the gauge being larger than the previous one. I definitely am in the market for a new retainer. Breathing is a bit too important.

I heal all my piercings with Dr Bronners baby castile soap. It seems to work well for me. The septum is healing nicely it doesn't hurt at all anymore, and it looks great. I can be reached via anonymous email, if anybody would like to ask me anything and it is not idiotic, feel free and i will respond. Thanks.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Margie
Studio: Diamond+tattoo+and+body+piercing
Location: Derry%2C+New+Hampshire

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