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My septum, after scarification, belly button and ears.

life I have had the biggest love of piercing. I have always loved the reaction I have gottenfrom people just for looking different. Unfortunately for me, I had two of the strictest parentsimaginable. Piercing were totally out of the question. At the age of 11 I had also grew an interest for scarification. I would cut designs in myarms, legs, and stomach with razor blades. Not sterile and foolish I know, but I was only 11. Afterparents seeing the scars and sending me to psychiatrists thinking I was suicidal I gave scarificationup. Next I got another ingenious idea. I would do surface piercing with safety pins. I wouldshove safety pins through pinched folds of skin and close them up. I would get about 6 in a ladderand leave them there for a while. There wasn't much pain but it was very unsanitary. They endedup getting infected and I would take them out and start all over again. Once again yes I know Iwas very foolish. Finally when I was 14 my parents decided to let me get my belly button and my earpierced. We went to Pleasurable Piercing in Hawthorne New Jersey. I had gotten allot ofrecommendation to go there and that's how I decided. I picked out my jewelry and waited to bepierced(they were very over priced). When I was called in, I sat down on the chair. About 5seconds later I had a ten gauge hole in my belly button and ear. I was ecstatic, I tipped the guy andleft. I wasn't happy with the experience at "pleasurable" piercing. I felt like the piercer was notvery friendly and was grumpy that he had to be working. He just kind of did his work quickly andhad me lave. I would've rather had more of a piercing experience, but at least he did a good job. After a couple of months, and stretching my ear out to 0 gauge, I decided I needed moreholes in my body. Because my parents were so strict, I needed to find a piercing that could behidden well. I decided to go with a septum piercing, because those can be easily hidden. Idecided I would go into the city, and see which places looked the best, had good prices, andwere friendly so I wouldn't be suckered into having another asshole piercer. I decided upon Ian'splace. That had been the place where most of my friends have gotten pierced. I walked in andtalked to the guy at the counter for a while about the piercing, and he was willing to answer all ofmy question and was very friendly. I decided I would get pierced with a 14 gauge black retainer. Itwould cost 35 dollars in total(much better prices then pleasurable). He told me it would be acouple of minutes because Tony, the piercer was in the middle of doing a Transverse lobe piercing.I went outside and sat on the steps and a had a cigarette. while I was waiting. I was prepared toget my new hole. When I walked back in I saw the girl coming out of the piercing room, her freshpiercing was beautiful, and I knew I had made the right decision on who to pierce me. Tony jokedaround and talked to me as he was cleaning up from the last pierce, and setting up for me. Finallyit was time to pierce me. Tony didn't rush he just did his thing, It was relatively painless and was agreat experience. When he was done, he told me to go look in the mirror., It was perfect. I was inlove with my new piercing. He then showed me how to flip it up and take care of it. It was virtually invisible whenflipped up. Even if someone was staring right up my nose. He told me to drink some orange juice,I tipped him, and was on my happy way.
The piercing healed up nicely absolutely no problems, no infections. 3 weeks later Istretched it out to 10gauge, and put in a tribal pincher. It looks great, and I couldn't be happier.Its now been about a month since Stretched it and I still have no problems. I recommend aseptum piercing to anyone who has strict parents. IM not sure what else to write so I will answer some questions about the piercing.Does it hurt? No, atleast for me it didn't. There was a quick shot of pain while it was being pierced but that is all. It is soar to the touch for a while afterward though.IS it really invisible when flipped up? Yes, completely.How come people cry? because it is a reflex. How much should I tip? This question i have no answer for. Im still not sure. I think it should be how ever much you feel is right. I only had 5 dollars extra with me so that is what i tipped him with.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Tony
Studio: Ians+Place
Location: St.+Marx+%2C+New+york+City

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