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another nostril experience...w/out the happy ending

begin my saying how idiotic it is to ever pierce something yourself. Even your ears! With that out of the way, I'll begin the heroing tale of a young girl piercing her own nose. I had wanted to have something pierced for a long time, but like most other parents, my mother was not about to let me get ANYTHING but my ears or my bellybutton pierced. Here's the setting: She had flown out of town earlier and my grandmother was staying with me and it was late. No one was awake but me, and I had a sudden inclination that if I didn't pierce something than I would hate myself forever. As incredibly odd as that seems, it's the main reason I pierced myself. So I got up and walked into my bathroom and got out the piercing gun I had. Again I'm going to interject to state that using a piercing gun, especially on your nose, by yourself, is a horrible idea and NEVER do it! Nonetheless, I cleaned it off with peroxide (which I now know is the wrong thing to use and dries the skin around the piercing), stuck it up my nose, and squeezed! It took a lot of pressure that I didn't really expect, but I kept pushing. And then the infamous POP and it was over. It hurt a little, but the feeling of doing something so rebellious boosted my adrenaline. I took care of the piercing and it healed fine. Only problem; because I stuck a huge piercing gun up my nose, it was pierced very low on my nose. So I thought that for some reason, that I could just re-pierce it with a safety pin above it, in about FIVE MINUTES! Suprise, Suprise, IT DIDN'T WORK! I got the safety pin into my nose, but when it came to pushing it all the way through no matter how hard I pushed it seemed to get stuck somehow. So I kept it in longer. I finally decided to take it out and repierce it again with the piercing gun. This time I shoved it as far up as possibly (and shoved is really the true description of what I did) and squeezed yet again, and viola, my nose was pierced in a much better spot and looked much better. Then the real problems began. I'm the type that gets numerous colds and allergies, so I was constantly having problems taking care of my nose ring and blowing my nose. Over time it began to get very sore and it would bring tears to my eyes if I ran my finger across it. Then I began to notice a small red bump forming beside it. That's when I got scared. I asked some people that I knew what they thought and one guy mentioned to me the idea that I might be forming a keloid, which is a large red bump that can become huge and has to be surgically removed or injected with steroids, he sent me pictures of them, I freaked, and took my nose ring out. That was the first good idea I had had this whole experience. SO, now I have no nose piercing and don't plan on doing it again, but only because I do have a lot of colds, and I do have a lot of allergies, and it causes many many complications. Also, I'm waiting now, to be sure about what I want to do, and I'm working on some designs for tattoos. Throughout the whole nostril experience, I learned that it's really important to be sure you know what you're getting into, and to do it ONLY for the right reasons. And don't do it on your own!!! If you're too young, and MUST have a piercing, find any other way to do it, just get it done professionally!!!
Q&A Did it hurt? -Yes, a little bit. my eyes watered, but that was really involuntary. Some say it hurts and others say it doesn't, but that is true for any piercing. Why did you do it? -This one is kind of hard to answer. I did it because I wanted to rebel, I wanted to stick out in a different way, and I wanted to fit in with some people at school. THOSE ARE HORRIBLE REASONS! I love body modifications. I would not go as far as some, but I respect it as art, and that is a wonderful way to look at it, art.
Does it bother you when you sneeze? -It did for me, but only because I sneeze year-round. Can you blow your nose with it? -Yes, a bit more carefully than normal, but yes. I'm by far not a buff on nostril piercings, if that isn't self-evident, but I do know what my experience has tought me and I've got some links to pages with information on infections and other related things, so if you need to know something and are afraid to ask your doctor, feel free to email me with your questions, and if I can't answer them, then I'm sorry.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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