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At last..my beautiful nostril piercing!

At last..my beautiful nostril piercing!

At A Glance Author Naenia Artist dunno his name Studio Gold Rose

well...since i was 10 years old i didnt have either my ears pierced (!!!!!) so one day after seeing my best friend having her ears pierced i decided i would get mine pierced too. i went with my mum in a shop that sells jewelery and we asked the man there if he could pierce my ears. well, that was the first time i got metal in my body and i can tell you i didnt love the feeling. i thought i looked awful with that terrible golden earings in my ears. i began liking my piercings about a month later when i changed the earings and about 3 years later i decided i would get a second one at my right ear lobe. well that was all the piercings i had until this summer. one day i had gone with my cousin for a walk down town and in a shop my cousin saw some earings she liked. so we got in and she asked about the earings and out of the blue i asked the guy whether he could pierce my ears! just like that without having planned anything. anyway he said no but said that i could go to a shop down the road called "gold rose" and there i could get my ears pierced. so me and my cousin walked and when we found that shop we got in. there were 2 girls in the shop then. one of them was having her navel pierced that moment and her friend was waiting to get her nose pierced. i waited till the girl with the navel piercing was finished and then the man asked me what i wanted. i said i wanted 2 more ear piercings and he told me to sit down. i did so and he brought the gun and the earings. he asked me where i wanted the piercings and i said that i wanted one at my left cartilage and a third one at my right ear lobe. the procedure went fine, and afterwards he told me how i should take care of my piercings and that in 5 days time i could change the earings. i thanked him and me and my cousin got back home. i was very happy that i now had 5 piercings and i think that that was when i got addicted to piercings. i told all my friends about that piercings and 2 friends of me told me i should get my navel pierced. i thought it was a great idea and that it wouldnt be a problem with my parents cause i could hide it easily. so about 4 days later, i went back to the same shop with my cousin and i got my navel pierced. i wasnt anxious at all and i didnt feel a thing! the healing went on really well; i didnt have any problems even i got pierced with a gun (!!!) and i have now on a lovely ring which is great. my parents still dont know about that piercing but im really glad i have it. well, i had now 6 piercings and i wanted more and more. in september i got 2 more piercings in my right ear lobe and 2 more in my left ear lobe all of course from the same guy (ohh i just loooove him :) so...i now had 10 piercings (5 right ear lobe, 3 left ear lobe, 1 left cardilage and 1 navel) and i still wanted more. i've always loved eyebrow piercings and nose piercings too so i wanted one of those.i figured that that wouldnt be easy cause i couldnt hide them from my parents and i knew they wouldnt be happy with the idea that i would have a piece of metal through my nose. i decided on the nostril piercing so one day i told my mother i wanted to get my nose pierced. she said NO but then said that we would think about it ( she always says that when she doesnt like something i say ) anyhow every time i brought up the nose piercing subject me and my mother always ended up arguing so i decided i would leave the suject out for a while. so one day after a huge fight my parents had i had a long talk with my mother and she agreed that i could get my nose pierced during my xmas holidays but she still woudnt let me to where a stud at school (HA!). of course i said yes ( what am i? silly?) so i waited anxiously for xmas holidays to come. our last day at school was thursday so i decided that i would get my piercing that friday ( that was xmas eve ). thursday after school i went to a friend of mine, i slept there that night and the next day we would get downtown so i could get my piercing. i was sooo excited!!! anyway we slept at about 1:00 and we got up at 6:30 in the morning cause we had to go and sing the xmas carols. we did that from 8:00 till 10:30 and then we got back at my frends house. finally at about 12:15 we left and we went downtown. my friend did some shopping first and then we went back at gold rose. the man there remembered me so he asked me what i wanted this time :) i said i wanted my nose pierced and he brought the gun and some studs. i asked him what kinda stud he was going to use and i freaked out when he showed it to me cause it was BIG! really BIG! he told me i had to wear that for 2 hours only so i was kinda ok. i sat down and he asked me what side i wanted i said the right one so he put a thing at my nose ( i had that at my ears and at my navel too) which is supposed to make wherever u want the piercing to freeze so it wont hurt. he told me that it isnt going to hurt but i was still kinda worried. he then told me to close my eyes, i did and he pierced me. i didnt feel a thing!!!!!!!!! i can tell you that ear piercings were a lot more painful than this. he hanged me a mirror so i could see my piercing and i liked it soooo much although i hated the stud. i paid him and we left. i was very happy and i got a lot of weird looks at the road while we were going back home. the 2 hours went on really quickly so i sat at my friends kitchen and i tried to change the stud. i had already bought 2 small ones one black and one silver so i decided i would put on the black one. that was when it bled a bit but nothing much and not painful at all. i looked at the mirror at my new beautiful black stud and i was extremely happy. me and my friend then went out to eat and i liked people looking at me and staring at my piercing. when my mum saw it she kinda liked it and i thought that my dad would be pissed off cause he knew nothing about it but he didnt say anything. the healing is going really well and so far i hadnt got any problems with my piercing although i do have some trouble when i wash cause i'm afraid it will come out. now 3 days afteri just loooooooove my piercing!!! it's my favourite from all the ones i have but i think that soon i will want more...hehe anyway i dont think i will like anyone as much as i like my nostril piercing. for those of u who have got this far with my story thanks for reading and whenever u want a piercing just do it. it's the greatest feeling in the world :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: dunno+his+name
Studio: Gold+Rose
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