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Mom and doughter experience

was 14, everything was differnt. Britney Spers was not famus. Melenie C was wearing sport cloths and kicked the air. I knew so many virgins... Those times were beautiful and I miss them so much!!! I never really wanted to pierce my navel. But it all began one evening when I was 14. My choir had an end-of-the-year party and one of the girls came back from London with her navel pierced. When I got home I told my parents that she pierced her navel and they said very cooly, "you now, you can do it too if you want." I was so happy because I never thought they will agree. After they gave their premission my friends came over, and when I told them the amazing news they really jeloused. You see, at these days nobody in my school had it and all the kinds of piercing were frobidden by almost all the parents. I was so lucky. But then it considerd special and cool to have one but now every little cheap slut have it, but 2.5 years ago... it was so special! I was so excited all that night and I could'nt sleep. I decided not to tell anyone but I couldn't resist so I told my ex boyfriend and whole the choir. I know it is bad luck, but I couldn't hold my excited tounge! Who could? It's so major excitment! I didn't knew any studios in Israel so at the morning after I called the biggest shopping center and asked them if they had a piercing place, and they did! I called the store and they told me that at my young age, 14 I have to bring a parent and they really don't recommend me to do it. I ignored and at 3 dayes I dragged my mom to that place. The piercer almost convinced my mom that I should not do it, and I promised many times I'll take care of it and finally she agreed. We agreed that I should take the titanium ring to a quicker heal. I must admit that I was so afraid of the pain. I kept asking the people in the store if it's hurt and they said "naw, just for a second." And I almost belived them! It is good that I knew myself and I know that every little pain is a major pain for me. And at the same day I gotten my period so I had lots of major pains! The beautiful piercer took me to a room and I layed on a bed and he cleaned the area very good, drew a cross on my belly and finally he pierced. AHHHHHHH!!! I was thinking but I only said a little "OW" but it was AWFULLY hurt. He showed it to me in a mirror before he put band aid all ovet it. I said "thank you so much, it is so beautiful", in a small crying voice. He gave me a page with the instructions and I went out to my mom. We went to the drugstore to buy all the stuff and I was on the way home with major pains. Specially with the bumpers on the road, for god sake! At home I acted sick and drank tea and I woke up in the middle of the night twice. I was taking care of it all the time. Put tons of oitments 3 times a day and I had to wake up very early before school and it was a complete nightmare. No swimming pool (on Augoust!), no wearing jeans and tight clothes, tons of showers and all my shirts became yellow becouse the healing materiels. On the first day at school, a month after I did it, it start to bleed, and I was panicked and I didn't know what to do. After a few days I called the pierced, and he told me to put on antibiotic stuff but in any case not to take it off! And so I did and my piercing healed completely. After it healed I was very proud and showed it to everybody. Boys think it's very sexy, and so am I. My belly button is a very aroganic area, and if someone licks my pierce, ohmigod I am very happy. After a few months of happiness all the sluty girls started doing it in unpro places. I was very disapointed because I love being original! But I am happy with my little pierce, which is very cute and I cannot see myself without it and I hope I will never take off. Now I have titanum ring with a tourquise stone which I got in Germany and it's beautiful. Its birthday is July 30th, 1997. Send me all your questions, comments or whatever.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Guy
Studio: Psycho+Tattoo
Location: Tel+Aviv%2C+Israel

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