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And they said it would hurt...

ll... here we go. I'd been planning for about 3 months or so to get my septum pierced. When I first brought the idea to my parents my mother thought it would be not too bad, but my dad strongly objected. He's a wee bit neurotic about anything near his face or his kids' faces. He was kinda turned off by the idea of me getting my septum pierced, he got upset when my 21 year old brother got his nostril pierced (not that he was angry, just not really appreciative of the fact that one of his children would want to have a needle and jewelry stuck into their face...) After some bargaining tyme, I had my dad make a deal with me, that if i succeeded to a reasonable extent in school, that I could get whatever piercing I wanted. Naturally I chose my septum. Now, my dad had promised me that I could get it done during christmas holidays while I was on vacation in another city. Lucky me got to get pierced on the last day of school, several days before having to leave town. So the big day came, and well, I was excited, and then pretty nervous. I brought a friend of mine and my mother to the piercing shop, my mother to sign for me (i'm only 15 years old btw.) and my friend to be a sadistic weirdo and watch me suffer. So after choosing my jewelry, a 12 ga. circular barbell, I was ready to be pierced. So my piercer led my friend and I back into the piercing room, prepped me, and had me lie down. She measured up my nose, felt around for my "sweet spot", and then marked and clamped me. She said just breathe, and that she wouldn't tell me when she was going to pierce me. So I relaxed, closed my eyes, felt a bit of a pressure, followed by a stronger pressure, and well, that's about it. No real pain, no agony. The jewelry going through actually felt kinda nice (heh, masochism is a good thing...) But anyways, I got up so that my piercer could screw the ball onto the end of my circular bell. This was the tricky part. The ball kept slipping, at least ten balls fell onto the floor and she got a new one every tyme. It was very frustrating. She pulled and tugged at my new ring and tried to get the ball on. After a while she got the other piercer to come in and help her, an extra pair of hands or whatever. She had me lay down again, and stuff paper towels in my nostrils to keep the barbell in place while she tried again to get the ball on. That didn't work either. So after a while she realised that my barbell isn't threaded right, and found a ball that would fit on reasonably well. So after about 15-20 mins (uh, i think... hrmmm...) I was happy to find out that she screwed the ball on and i was done. Kinda a frustrating experience, but it certainly won't deter me from getting pierced again. I think it was well worth it. I was really surprised that it didn't hurt. Everyone around me was hyping up the fact that septum piercings are supposed to hurt quite a bit. A friend of my brother's who had his septum pierced said it was the worst of his piercings, including nipples. I certainly don't think that anybody should be turned off of such a beautiful piercing because they think the pain will be difficult to bear. I found it went by really quick, and well, just plain didn't hurt. A friend of mine warned me about being pierced by Miza at SOS, because she had her lip pierced by Miza and wasn't very happy with Miza's handling of a few things. Apparently I'm not the only person who's bead/ball kept slipping away from Miza. My friend who had a CBR put into her lip told me that Miza started to hurt her like heck while trying to hold the CBR open to get the ball on. And the ball kept slipping. Soooooo... I think I'll be listening to my friends next tyme they tell me something like that. Having a piercer pull and tug at your fresh piercing for a quarter of an hour is certainly not fun. But I think just about any piercing is worth the experience that comes with it. Hrm... gotta fill this space up with some more words eh? Well, I'm thinking that in the spring I'd like to get my tongue pierced, possibly my labret. A labret spike seems particularily appealing. Or maybe some nice septum jewelry after it heals. That would be nice too. A tusk or a spike, maybe even spikes for the end of my circular barbell. Oh, the possibilities. So much fun. well, that's about all I have to say. Tyme for me to go clean my shiny new piercing/ring (even tho its not really shiny right now, as there's still dried blood on it.. hrm... i guess i'll have to make it shiny.)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Miza
Studio: Symbols+Of+Strength
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta%2C+Canada

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