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My nose ring fascination

o start out with I am a sixteen year old male. A girl I used to like talked a lot about piercing her own nose and navel. Back then I thought piercings were disgusting and told her not to because it didn't look good. She was a very attractive girl, and I especially didn't like nose rings, but thinking of her with one and nose rings as ugly turned my mind around on them. I soon developed a fetish for nose rings. A few months later, I started thinking about myself with a nose ring. I found it to be a self-discovery. I thought about it more and more and I developed the nose ring fetish soon enough for myself having one. This happened in the winter of eighth grade, and since then, I wanted to try and pierce my nose. I knew though that I would feel uncomfortable around certain people with a nose ring, It was a sexual thing for me, so I did not want guys to see it. I did not want my teachers to see it. And above all, I would die if my family saw it. My mom did not believe in piercing her own ears and never had them done. We never had any earrings around the house so I had nothing to put in my nose. Because of this I would take safety pins from around the house and pierce my nose with them. I didn't think that they were that attractive, but they did do something for me. Ever now and again I would pierce my nose with a safety pin to feel the thrilling sensation. But I really badly wanted to put some real jewelry in it. Like I said before, my mom did not believe in pierced ears. She had a bunch of clip on earrings, but no real ones that go in a hole. I didn't want clip on earrings though. Something about my nose actually having a hole through it and a ring in it, the realism of it is what made it exciting. I felt the same way about girls with nose rings. It has to be the real thing. Because I felt this way I developed a keen sense of whether it was a clip on or not. I got a license last summer, and went to the last Friday mall to get some earrings. I felt like such a tool being in Claire's without a girl, but I knew I wanted it done. After searching for about 15 minutes, I picked out a pair of diamond studs and a pair of hoops with a ball in the middle. Diamond studs and hoops with balls are my absolute favorite kind of ring to go in the nose. The only thing I like better, is a nose ring and an earring attached with a chain. I do not want to pierce my ear though, because my brother pierced his ear many years ago and the hole never went away. Perhaps I could do that with a clip on earring, because it is not about the earring at all, it is about the nose ring and the chain. I think it looks incredibly sexy. I quietly paid for the rings and went home. Later that night, after getting a sewing needle, I went into the bathroom. I put the needle up to my nostril and started pushing it through. It was a little painful, but nothing I couldn't handle. I inserted one of the hoops, and looked into the mirror to se what I looked like. I was thrilled! I went into another room and took a picture of myself with my digital camera, which turned out nice. I went back into the bathroom. I took out one of the studs, pierced my other nostril with the sewing needle, and inserted the stud. I really liked the way I looked with that too. I took a picture with both rings in. That picture turned out nice as well. The next morning I took a picture with only the stud in. I showed some of my girlfriends from the net the pictures. Some of them didn't like them, and some did. One of them thought I looked really sexy with a nose ring, especially the hoop alone. This made me feel really special. She said she would also be willing to pierce her nose and show me too. I still have those pictures of me with nose rings, if any girls want to see whom like that kind of thing. But I took out the rings because my mom would kill me, and like I said, I'd feel totally uncomfortable around certain people. But around dates that like it or ask for it, I'd be more than happy to wear nose rings for. They make me feel really sexy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: i+did%21
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