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I finally got my nose pierced!!! YAY :)

anted my nose pierced for over..3 years. I had been begging my mom for like...6 months to let me get my nose pierced, and her answer was always "NO". But then I found BME & I did lots of research on nostril piercings...and kept bugging my mom, i even got up enough money to pay for the piercing. and i'd wear my fake nose ring everyday... So, finally...after about 6 months, she gave in. I think it might be because my boyfriend (of 12 months) had dumped me :( i was soooooo depressed. And she knew that the nose piercing would make me really happy..so..she let me get it done. First..i looked around at the mall for any piercings shops...but there weren't any. so i looked in the yellow pages and there wasn't a piercing section, so........i looked in the tattoo section.. and tried to find a place that does piercings, and is close to me. i called a few of them.. i asked them if they do nose piercings, and how they do it. i wanted mine done with a piercing gun (cuz i was sooo afraid to get it done with a needle) but all of them said that they use needles, soo...i thought to myself "either I get it done with a needle, or I guess I don't get it done at all" (unless i did it myself, but i was afraid to..because i didn't know exactly where to pierce it, and i didn't want to get an infection) well, I decided to go and get it done with the needle. so my mom drove me up to "Eternal Piercings". and we went in...but I had to run back out to my mom's care to get my I.D. 'cause I left it in the car (I didn't know that I'd need it). anyways, my mom filled out a bunch of forms, and then the lady took me to the room where they do the piercings. And she had me sit down on this chair that looked like a dentist chair thingy.. and she asked me which side I wanted pierced, and I told her I wanted it done on the right side. so, she got a cork and put it in my nose, and she told me not to laugh or it would shoot out. heh.. anyways, she wiped it with some orange colored stuff, and told me to close my eyes. And she told me to take a few deep breaths. After a few breaths I felt a small sting in my nose, then she told me not to move while she got the ball. Then she put the ball on, and explained the aftercare to me, I kept trying to get up because I wanted to see the new addition to my face! But my mom told me to sit down because the lady was still talking to me. The lady kept asking me if I felt ok (she was really nice). And she gave me a little paper that said how to clean my new piercing.. Anyway, my nose felt kind of numb after she put the ring in, then when I got home it felt sore, so I took some Motrin, and it felt a little better. My dad wasn't too happy because he didn't want me to get it done, in the first place. Well, I had to go to church the next day so..I was reallllly nervous because I knew everyone would be staring at me. (and they did) I was kinda self-conscious about my nose ring for a while... But not anymore, now I don't care if people see it, and what they think. I think my nose ring looks very cool. I didn't get it to be "popular" or anything, I got it because I knew it would look good on me. Before I got my nose pierced..my self esteem was really low. But since I got it done, I feel really happy about the way I look. And I'm not as shy as I used to be. :) I remember reading something on BME that said piercings are addictive....at first I didn't think that was true, but since I got my nose pierced...I know it's true!!! Now I want my eyebrow & tongue pierced. My mom is probably going to let me get my eyebrow pierced, but I dunno about the tongue.. :( She said her main concern about the tongue is the dangers of it.. so if you have any info on tongue piercings, please e-mail me, thanx! If you wanna get your nose pierced..I say go for it! It's really cool.. After a while, you don't even feel it in your nose, so it's not really uncomfortable, or anything. Have fun! :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Steph
Studio: Eternal+Piercings
Location: Livonia%2C+Michigan

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