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eek's my best friend had been telling me that I'd look great with my nose pierced. I'd just been passing it off, saying that I'd never get my nose Pierced. But when i started thinking about it, i began to like the idea. And wth that, i was totally convinced that i wanted a pierced nose. The next day I told my friend that I was going to get it done. He asked when i was going to get it done, and i said i couldnt get it done for atleast another week cause i didnt have enough money. Then he offered to lend me some money to get it done....and it was settled...we arranged to go to get my nose pierced that afternoon. When we got to the hair salon where i'd decided to have it done, i asked the woman what kind of jewlery she had that she could put in my nose. I picked out what i wanted, then we realised we didnt have enough money so we went to the bank, and i began to chicken out. My friend said that having my nose pierced was my decision and that i didnt have to have it done if i didnt want to, but i'd already told all my friends i was getting my nose pierced, so i couldnt chicken oout now. we went back to the salon, and i told the woman the woman i was ready to have it done. But then i had to wait for another ten minutes. Finally she came and got me and took me over to a seat, while she got out all the stuff she needed. She explained to me what she was going to do, and made sure that i was ready. Then she put the gun on my nose. having a big bit of plastic up my nose was really uncomfortable, and was proably the worst part. She then told me that she was going to hold her hand behind my head incase i jerked my head back. She said that some people say that getting you nose pierced feeling like being hit in the nose some some people tend to through their head back. I was just about to tell her that id changed my mind, but when she asked if i was ready, by some miricle i said that i was ready. Then there was a click sound and she'd put it in. It only hurt for the tiniest second. It was a little pinching feeling not much worse than gettig your ears pierced. But i must admitt it did feel a bit like getting hit in the face. not so much because of the pain but because of the shock of the gun. But overall it only hurt a tiny little bit, for a tiny little second. I looked in the mirror and i must admitt that i dint like it all that much at first. The bar that was in it was gold and had a ball on the end and i thought that it looked a bit much. Too big. But anyway the lady told me how to look after it and she said not to play with it and not to change it for atleast a month. Then We left the shop and we left the shop and saw a few of my friends. they said it looked great, but i still couldnt wait to change the stud and put a smaller prettier one in. Then when i got home i had the challenge of hiding the new pierceing from my parents. I knew that they would see it sooner or later, but i knew that they wouldnt like the stud that i had in it. theyed think it looked too big and butch. So surprisingly i mannaged to hide it from my parents for a whole day. But the next day i couldnt stand looking at the ugly big thing stuck through my nose and like the disobidient person that i am, i changed the stud and put a nice little stud in with a clear jewl in it. I know that i was told to leave it for atleast a month, but i never do what i'm told so if it got infected then i'd take the blame. Surprisingly it didnt get infected thank god. So here i am today with my nose pierced and i love it! it looks really cute and girly. I really like it because i only know a couple of other people who have there nose pierced so i feel kind of different. I really want to get my tongue pierced now! But anyway, if youre considering getting your nose pierced i really recommend you do it! I love mine! It looks great!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Dec. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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