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"My Septum Piercing" or "Take it Out or Move Out"

some info. on my piercings... When I was 10 my mom took me to get my ears pierced. We went to the mall and they used a piercing gun. The first ear went fine, but then the gun got stuck on my other ear. All I remember though is that it hurt a lot and it took a long time for them to take it off my ear and that I was crying like a baby the whole time. That was the last time I would let a piercing gun touch any part of my body. The next time I got pierced was a much better expirience. I was 14 and went to a local piercing studio to get it. It was a nice place then, but within the last two years it has become very trashy and dirty. I stay away from it. After this I did a few holes in my ears by myself with needles. They turned out well. One of my favorite piercings, the one I get the most comments and questions about is my Industrial in my right ear. I love that thing. Got it for only $30 because I was friends with the piercer's girlfriend. That was really great.

Anyway, that's just some background information for you on my expiriences with piercings before I got my septum pierced. What made me decide to get it? I'm not too sure, someone I had worked with had a septum piercing and I just thought it was so great that he could just stick it up his nose and you couldn't even tell that it was there. I guess I just felt it was time for another piercing. It was on my mind for like a month, and I looked at BME for information on it and pictures like once a day. The day I got it done was a Saturday. Some friends and I had gone on a road trip. One of my friends had her video camera so she could tape some stuff for her film class. Well, on the way back home we were talking and I just mentioned that I wanted my septum pierced. My friends thought it was a great idea so we went to the ATM to get some money and then to the piercing studio, Primitive Impressions. This is one of the coolest places I've been, very clean, the people are so sweet and it's a great environment. I think my friends were about as excited as I was about me getting pierced. They decided to videotape the whole thing. :) what are friends for..? The people at the studio made me my very own 12 guage circular barbell. I was very happy :) The piercing went great, my friends got a big kick out of it when the piercer stuck his fingers up my nose... it's all on tape, they were laughing so hard. It didn't hurt. Went very fast, did bring a tear to my eyes. I guess that's natural though. The guy flipped it up into my nose, gave me aftercare instructions, I paid for it and we left. I knew my mom would be pissed off. When I got my eyebrow ring it took her 2 weeks to notice because I was mad at her at the time and avoided her. The ear piercings I did myself she didn't care much about. I got the Industrial when I wasn't living at home, by the time I moved back it had healed mostly and wasn't gonna be taken out. I figured she wouldn't notice my septum piercing cuz it was flipped up in my nose. Well... she didn't notice, but my younger sister did. She told my mom right away. We had lots of fights about it. Lots of them... I'm sure the people next door weren't happy with us. Finally she decided I had to take it out or move out. Kinda harsh for just a little piercing... I went to my room and took it out. In about 10 minutes I went back in my room and put it back. The next day I went and bought a retainer for it. She thought I had gotten rid of it because I could always show her the jewlery cuz I took it out... hehe, I'm sneaky. Anyway, two weeks with the retainer and she noticed. It was kinda too late then because she realized I'd never get rid of it now. I love my septum piercing, it is definatly different around here and even though I keep the retainer in most of the time as long as I know it's there I'm happy. I'm trying to decide what to get next though.. if you have any suggestions or comments please e-mail me. I'd love to hear from you. Oh yeah... I got put in my school's yearbook for "person with the best piercing" hehe :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: this+really+cool+guy-+never+caught+his+name
Studio: Primitive+Impressions
Location: Rochester%2C+NY

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