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It All Started With A Safety Pin

was fourteen I saw my brother's drunk friend pierce his own nose and thought he was nuts. A month and a half later I decided to do my own nostril with a safety pin. So one night I grabbed a piece of ice, a safety pin and an earring. I sat in the sink of my bathroom vanity and slow pushed the safety pin through my nose. I found it so fastenating. I could feel the safety pin being pushed through different layers and densities of skin. It didn't bleed at all at this point. After about a minute i felt this "pop" and stuck my finger up my nose to see if it was through. It was so i took the safety pin out and there was just one little drop of blood so I wipped it off and stuck the little mushroom earring i had picked for it. Unfortunately if my dad found out, he would kill me so I had to take it out everytime I came home, except when I was in my room. This was not good for the healing process.Finally after three months I just left it in. He never said anything. Soon I decided to do the other side. Using a safety pin again, I sat in the girls bathroom of my school, I did it again. That same day I sat in my biology class with two earrings in my nose, I played with the safety pin. I soon found a new place to pierce. You know that little flappy piece of skin between you thumb and pointer finger? . I sat there and just pushed and pushed. The skin right there is tough so it took awhile. After about fifteen minutes I had it through and fastened the safety pin. People in my class looked at me like i was crazy. I was sent to the office by own of my teachers becasue the thought I was in to self mutalation or something. By the end of the day I had 2 safety pins attached to my hand and a letter to my parents. Am very lucky that my mom is open minded, she always defends me from my dad. She says I am individual who expresses myself in a "different way". But everyday piercings gain more popularity!!! I am now 16 years old and have ALOT of piercings. I have three barbells through my left eyebrow, both nostrills are still pierced, my tongue is done horizontallly and vertically, both nipples, two bottom lip piercings, two on the right hand(refer to above), my cheeks (not the ones on your butt)and my ears are pierced all the way around them and my conches are pierced(a conch is the inner part of your ear where it curves). My brother is now a professional piercer and has done 5 or 6 of mine. The ones that hurt the most are my nipples and the conches. I have alot of fun with my piercings. Not just sexually but just showing people. It freaks them out.Piercings heighten your senses alot. At least mine do. They are very sensual for me and I love them despite what anyone has to say. Unfortuately I didn't do my research about piercing before I started. I have been lucky. The only infections I have gotten have been on piercings on my ears. I just take them out and after they have healed somewhat and I do them over. I reccomend you do your research. My brother helped me alot. The piercing he did were the two on my tongue, my two lip piercings and my one of my three eyebrow piercings. Please be careful!!! Your body is full of blood vessels!!! I would have to say my favorite piercing is my cheeks. I made sure the were symmetrical on my face, so I could stick a a surgical steel rod through the two holes which passes through my mouth. It is great late night fun at Denny's! The waitresses always freak out!!! I soon plan to have something below the waist. I still have to work up the confidence to go have a perfect stranger or actual friend play with my genitals. that is one of the reasons I did my nipples myself. I want only one or two down there. If anyone has any helpful suggetsions about getting over my lack of self confidence please e-mail me. It must sound weird of me having low self confidence but when it comes to private areas I get nervous. Trust me only five or six people have seen my nipples! I just have worked up the courage yet. My body isn't just my temple, it's a work of art. Big Love to all of you pierced freaks like me, Brandi


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Dec. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: ME%21
Studio: usually+in+my+bedroom
Location: California

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