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The Septum of Davus

.5746 Well, after my parents found out about my scrumper piercing, I think they finally realised that I am determined to get pierced so after a little while, (my scrumper was done about 30 days ago) on a Saturday morning I asked if I could get my septum done. For some reason my mum just said yes, without really thinking about it, so I was amazed but weary of her at the same time (cos my mum is a Sadistic psychopath who is plotting to kill me, sometime soon). At that point I got up and got ready to go into Liverpool (town). On the way out of the house my mum told me to think carefully because I was going out that night to mosh to Korn. I told her it'd be OK and ran off to get the bus. I got into Liverpool before 11:00am and met up with a friend: we had decided to meet cos I wanted to get my scrumper re-pierced after it finished migrating the week before. When we got in I told him I was getting my septum done as well and he just laughed (as you may notice: I am and all of my friends are completely insane, but we can seem normal, if you get me....). We got up the piercing place and found out it didn't open till 11:30, so we waited outside Quiggins (a warehouse/shop in a back street where all goths hang out) shouting BAM at everyone who passed. When we guessed it was 11:30 we went back up and found out they were booked up till 3:00 to do the septum but I could get the scrumper re-done right then. So they were going to do it for free but it wasn't healed enough so they said come back next week. At this point I thought it was a failure and the curse was true (I have a curse that if I tell anyone what I am getting done I never get it). I went back to Quiggins and sulked but after calling someone I've never met before a bitch, we became friendly and I found out where 'Body Decor' is (supposedly the best in the NW). I praised her (by calling her a bitch) and went up. When I got there (the two people I met were with me at this point) I found out how cool Carl and Nicky were (the resident piercers) and it was also a bit cheaper there. After talking to Carl for a bit about stretching (I didn't want to tell him I was intending to stretch mine larger than his septum though) and reading the procedure and aftercare booklet I got an appointment for 2:45, paid a deposit of the £25 pound it cost (I decided not to keep my money cos I had that much nicked the week before) and went back to Quiggs again to chill for a few hours.

From that time until 2:30 when I went up, I met about five more new, never seen before type people, experimented how flammable Barbie dolls are (very it seems), shouted BAM at a few more people, met some friends who I hadn't seen since Easter (my friend kept insisting that it is Easter now, not Christmas) and compiled a group of 6/7 people who wanted to see me get pierced. Then the time came.... I went up to Body Decor and met Carl. I told him I didn't want any anaesthetic (even though you're meant to get two doses) after he gave me the choice, which he seemed very pleased about. I got the jewellery, which was 2 mil thick which is 12guage I think (but they don't work in guages), and sat and waited. After a few seconds he came out and invited me into the huge hospital room. Surprisingly he let everyone in and they all stood at the edges of the room and watched. I lay down and he told me what to expect and told me how good it is without anaesthetic. When he was trying to get the clamps on he told me how high up it was and I was thinking if the curse would stop me after all, but eventually he got them on and told me to close my eyes, which was a good thing with all the uncontrollable amount of water coming out of them, and I felt the needle push just on the side of my nose. He told me how to breath and after two (not three, which I was expecting) breaths he put it through. WOW, what a feeling, it was like it wasn't in my nose (it did hurt though), but somewhere else. He left it there while he got the retainer on the needle bit and I just sat there in awe of the feeling; it wasn't endorphin (I don't think my body has Endorphin, as I have never had a rush) but just a realisation of my fantasy and surreal dreams. Then he got the retainer through and up with a bit of my stretching-face help. As my septum is so high, he couldn't help but cut the other side of my nose on the way out so I got a chance to sit there while he tried to stop the bleeding: my blood is like water (as Carl said) so it took a while to stop. I have always had a problem with that, but once the blood stops, my body is an incredibly fast healer. I opened my eyes and wiped away the tears ("not from the pain, just from where it is") and looked at the horror on the face of one of my friends, which was funny. Other comments made were the finding out of the reason why my scrumper rejected (probably the anaesthetic) and the discovery of the biggest bar in the world (8 foot long and about 3/4 inches thick) which was being used as a curtain rail; my friend was looking for a bar for his cartilage (as he lost his) so I told him to use that one, but he had none of it. The last thing before I left was a 'Bravery Award' certificate (which I found funny) to certify that I did it without using anaesthetic. I kept it and I am going to put it in my record of achievement (something you give to employers to show what you've done). Hehehe. I am hoping that the curse won't stop me getting my frowney done and my scrumper re-done. I am also looking forward to stretching my septum to something BIG (and I'm still only fifteen - WAYHAY).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Carl+%26+Nicky
Studio: Body+Decor
Location: Liverpool%2C+England

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