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I stood the pain of a self-pierced septum

t know why but I have been into piercing ever since I first took notice an ear piercing at the age of 5. I got my ear pierced when I was 9 and 12.Whenever I asked about any other piercings my mom would say maybe and my dad would say no, so I was fucked. He is so mean to me. In seventh grade one of my friends pierced her eyebrow with a piercing gun. So in eighth grade I pierced mine with a sewing needle. Before that I experimented with needle piercings only holding on to the piercings for a couple of days at a time. I wondered what it would be like to actually have other piercings besides my ear around my parents. I would just sit in class day dreaming about it. Early in ninth grade (this year)I found bme while I was looking for tongue piercings. My sister just got her eyebrow pierced. My parents don't understand that piercings are addictive. Boy are they in for a surprise. HE HE HE. Other than piercings my dad has been okay with clothing(I'm in the punk/goth/industrial scene) because he used to be in the punk scene and has a great record collection. My gand parents are against any type of bod-mod. They say anything besides an ear-piercing is self-mutilation. one word HYPOCRITE. But I do respect their opinion. In the summer I gave my self a pa which hurt like a bitch even though I numbed it. I took it out soon after and now have a keloid scar. A few das later I pierced my nipples which was a lengthy process. After that I pierced my belly button which only stung a little bit. My eyebrows(my first of the real piercings)and bridges didn't hurt at all but was weird because I could feel the needle sliding through the flesh. I pierced my friend Liz's eyebrow for only $20. I pierced my friend Tommie's septum twice and his lip once for $40. Not to mention various other peoples. On them I used surgical needles and forceps.

I decided that for my next piercing I would pierce my septum .So last saturday my best-friend tyler pierced his at my house and I decided to do mine but it hurt too much and I just couldn't do it. So on tuesday my friend from school gave me some novacain god knows where he got it. I rubbed that along with same benzo caine and some bactine into my septum and started piercing. I stopped every once in a while to switch to a sharper needle{I would have used surgical needles but I was out of them and impatient}. When I first started I didn't feel any pain at all, then I got to the nerve but that only hurt a little bit because I had tried it so many times before. Then I took the last needle and I grabbed the wrong needle because it was a little dull and just rammed it through which only hurt a little bit. The whole procedure took about 1 1/2 hours. putting the jewelry in hurt more than the piercing and took an additional hour. When i woke up the next morning it was really sore from from sleeping on it and my cats playing with it(they think they are raccoons and like shiny objects);when I went upstairs my dad saw it thought it was fake and told me to take it out I said okay but I didn't. At school the next day some people liked it and some didn't. I kept hitting it and messing with it so it really hurt for a while. Later that night I had to go without it and will have to repierce it. oh well I have to get retainer anyway. The materials I used were 2 straight 14ga sewing needles, 1 curved 14ga sewing needle, novacain,benzocaine,boiling water ,autoclave{I have my ways}, bactine, and other disenfectants, and a 14ga spike CBR. My other piercings include my eyebrows 3 times, my dick{pa},my nipples, my belly button, and my bridge 3 times. I still have my nipples and my belly button.I highly beleive in self modification. But, I do recommend going to a professional but being 14 I can't. I have pierced friends eyebrows,lips,and septums as I said before and plan on becoming a professional. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q: Are their any veins I could hit? A: No just the nerve that it goes through. Q: how long does it take to heal? A:1 to 2 month. Q: what kind of jewelry can I put in it? A: Septum retainers, circular barbells, spikes, and tusks. darkangel


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: basement+of+house
Location: Montgomery%2CIL

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