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My septum....THREE TIMES!

and I wanted to get something pierced for a VERY long time. Unfortunately, my parents are of the strict conservative type and wouldn't even let me get my lobes done. I did some research on BME and decided that I wanted to get my septum pierced. It seemed easy to hide, and I also thought it was an attractive piercing. I met someone at a local community college who had a lot of body piercings and tatoos, so I approached him and asked him some more questions that I had about piercings. I asked him if he knew anyone that would pierce an underage kid without parental consent. He said that he would do it. It turns out that he is a Red Cross trained nurse, and has served two piercing apprenticeships, so he knows what he is doing. We set an appointment. I show up at his house on the day of the piercing, and my stomach is churning. Since this was my first piercing I had no idea what it would be like, and several people told me it hurt worse than anything. I go into his house and he tells me to sit down on the sofa. He brings me a glass of water to drink. All of his supplies are spread out on wax paper on his coffee table. I was a little worried that he wouldn't be sterile and I would end up with AIDs or something, but I saw that he was clean. He changed gloves about 5 times while I was there and I saw him take the fresh needle and receiving tube out of the autoclaved packages. He picks up a little marker and marks my nose on both sides. He re-checks the marks. I lay down on his floor and he puts a pillow under my neck so that my head is at an angle. He kneels over me and prods around in my nose with the receiving tube for a minute to make sure that everything will work. Then he takes out the needle and puts some lubricant on it. He sets the receiving tube in place on one side and puts the needle in place on the other. The needle, which is a 14 guage, looks HUGE. "Start taking deep breaths", he says. I inhale deeply, and then exhale. Again. And on the third time I exhale I feel a quick pressure in my nose, then feel a pop as the needle exits the other side. It didn't hurt one bit, it just felt like something was pressing my nose. He slipped my jewelry through, which was 14 guage circular barbell. And we were done. He gave me a little sheet with aftercare instructions. He showed me how to flip it up, since I would be having to do that a lot. Unfortunately when he pierced it he had missed the recieving tube and the piercing was crooked. One side of the jewelry was hidden when it was flipped up, but the other side was still a little visible. I told him not to worry about it, I didn't think my parents would notice it. WRONG. They noticed it the next day and made me take it out, or they would kick me out. BUT, about an hour after I took it out my dad came down to my room where I was sulking and said "If you want to have body piercings, I guess that's your own business". So, I had to wait for it to heal up then I went to get it pierced again. This time I went back to the same guy and we did it on his front lawn, because I thought it would make me more relaxed. Not the most sanitary place I know, but I figured people have been getting their septums pierced outdoors for thousands of years so it wouldn't kill me. We went through the same routine to get set up, then he pierced me again. Ouch, it hurt A LOT more this time. Then he went to put the jewelry in, a bigger circular barbell that I got, and it wouldn't go through. I laid there for 15 minutes in excruciating pain while he pushed, pulled, and eventually tried to force the jewelry through. But it just didn't want to go. So finally I told him to stop, I was in too much pain, and there was blood all over the place. I was disappointed by this failed piercing, but I didn't give up. I made an appointment for a month later to try again. I came back for this third septum appointment scared out of my mind. We were going to do it inside this time, because I had been almost blinded by the sun when we did it outside. We went through the same procedure again. He had me lay down and put a pillow under my neck. He got all set up, and my heart was pounding out of my chest. "I'm not ready", I said, and I got up and drank another glass of water. I repeated this routine 3 times and finally I decided that I had do it now or I never would. So we got all set up and he said "Tell me when you're ready". I said "I'm ready". I started taking deep breaths, and on the second exhale he put the needle through. This hurt more than either of the other two times, but once the needle was through it stopped hurting. He put the jewelry through, it was the same one that we used successfully the first time. Now my septum is finally pierced for good, and I love it. Here are some questions you may have about this piercing(and I consider myself and expert on it now that I've had it done 3 times!): DOES IT HURT: Depends where you have it done. If you have it done below the cartilage like I did you won't even hardly feel it. I had a friend who had it done through her cartilage and she was in HORRIBLE pain, she was actually crying. Also your eyes will water for a little while after it's done. It shouldn't bleed much, mine only bled the second time because he was screwing around in there for so long. The other two times it didn't bleed at all. DOES IT LOOK GOOD: Either you like it or you don't. I think it looks great on myself or on anyone. Some people hate the way it looks. And everybody, whether they like it or not will tell you that you look like a cow.. IS IT HIDE-ABLE: Depends. I have a circular barbell and it's pretty discreet when I have it flipped up. If you are looking at my nose from it's level or higher you can't see it, but if you're any lower than my nose you can. If you put a retainer in I think that's a lot more hide-able because you can flip it WAY up and sort of clamp it down if you get the right kind. I guess that's about all I can think of, if you have any questions...e-mail me!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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