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What did your parents say?!

ell its been a little more than a week since i finally got my first facial piercing, my septum. I had been begging my mom for months to let me get something pierced and she finally gave in when i told her i could easily hide a septum piercing. A septum piercing isnt exactly what I wanted pierced, I never really did like septum piercings until I was told I could have my done. :-) I really wanted my lip done but i thought, what the hell, Ill do it anyways, and by the time I had it done it had really grown on me. This is how it went- Well last Thursday night my friend Holly drove me to expressions where tex, the piercer there was waiting for me. This being my first actually piercing besides my ears I didn't know what to expect so I was, needless to say, shitting my pants. Well we arrived at Expressions and I talked to tex for a bit and then he took me into the piercing room. The room was very clean and sterile so I felt pretty safe. Tex gave me a run down of how to clean my piercing and some do's and don'ts. After this I had to choose my jewlery. I had originally wanted a 12ga retainer but he didnt have any retainers in 12ga so he looked in 14ga and the retainer was too big to be flipped up in my nose, so he look for a circular barbell in 12ga, again he didnt have one small enough, and we finally found on that would fit in 14ga. Then i sat down in the piercing chair, which was exactly like those chairs at the dentists office, and tex prepared his needle and jewlery. He cleaned out my nose with iodine and bactine and then felt around in my nose to find the "sweet spot". Without much warning he stuck a cork up my nose and told me to brethe in deep and before i knew it there was a huge ass needle stuck through my nose. The pain was nothing like i expected it to be, i felt a lot of pressure and i could actually feel the needle as it passed through...it seemed to slow time. I was so surprised, i could hardly even feel it, it was a much different case when he put in the ring though. The ring was externally threaded so it hurt pretty damn bad when he put that in but it wasnt all that bad. Afterwards he cleaned me up and said I did real well. It must have looked pretty fun because my friend Holly, the one that took me, got an itch...to be pierced, and ended up getting her nipples pierced, which turned out to be the most painful thing she's ever done on an impulse...hehe So now Im in the process of healing my piercing and its relativly easy to take care of. I clean it three times a day with bactine and rotate the ring. I haven't had any problems with it at all so far. In another 2 weeks or so im going back if all goes well to have a 12ga or a 10ga put in because I find 14ga too light. I've really enjoyed this piercing and all the reactions i get from it. The question i get asked most often is what did your parents say, my response is always "what momma dont know wont hurt her" lol. If you are considering getting your septum pierced i say go for it, you will love it. And if you are in the Wilmington area i suggest you go to tex for your piercings, besides being a great piercer hes also an all around cool guy. Since then Ive had my ear pierced again at a 12ga which tex also did and i must say he did a very good job...hes a great piercer. I cant wait to get another piercing, next on my list is lip or labret then my eyebrow...and ive got the itch, ive gotta have some more metal in my face :-) well since im a couple words short here ill just have to tell you about my ear piercing to take up some space...i got my ear lobe pierced at a 12ga this past friday and i going places with this lobe...BIG places. Im working on stretching it, i want to withing a months have it up to a 0ga so i can have a nice lil flesh tunnel in it. I know my mom will hate it, but oh well....i think ive taken up enough space with this so... If you have any questions or comments please email me -david


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Tex
Studio: Expressions+body+piercing
Location: Wilmington%2C+NC

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