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Secret Septum

the beauty of my lovely septum. I, like many others am very intruiged by the art of piercing. About two years ago, I sarted with my tongue. Next, my lip and labret on the same day. Then my medusa (the spot between your upper lip and your nose). Then both nostrils. I felt like I was invisible with my piercings. They gave me such a rush and I felt so in control of my own body. Then reality hit. My mom kicked my pierced ass out the house. I had to move in with my friend and I was still in high school at the time, so I deperatly needed a job. Nobody would hire me!!!! They all said the piercings had to go. I wasn't willing to do that, until I had to start paying rent. The night I took out my piercings, I took out my confidence, my joy and my feeling of control. I was a depressed sad little thing moping around like a lost dog. When people asked me why I took them out I almost always started crying. My piercings made me feel like wasn't just your ordinary plain jane. I was special. My piercings were a sign to come and ask me about them. "Did those hurt??" "Why did you do that??" I loved telling people about my piercings because the older ones didn't understand how I got metal here and there. It was like teaching people about them. I still had my tongue, and that would have to do. All my friends have tons of piercings, and it makes me super jealous. Sure I have a ton of tats, but they are not the same as piercings.
So it is three years later, and I am moved into my own place, have a great job and am pierce-free (except my tongue). I realized last week after strolling through BME on the web, that the septum piercing was the one piercing I have always wanted to do. And I could hide it!! So the nxt day I am at the shop filling out the paperwork and picking my jewelery. I am aware of the pain piercings often give you, but that was not an issue at that point. I was on a pre-piercing rush. So I go in the room with my piercer Scott who I know pretty well and he tell me I have a crooked septum. He said that it would probably hurt more because he would have to pierce up higher in my nose. I had him pierce it anyways. So I sit on the medical table that is brightly covered in stickers. There is my favorite classical music station playing and it is totally calming my nerves. Okay, I should be used to this situatuation right?? No, I'm freakin' out. All I can imagine is pain. So he puts on his gloves and starts feeling around in my nose for the right spot. Next he grabbed the receiving tube, the needle, and tells me to not pee my pants. Listening to my breathing, he says 1....2....3....and BAMMM!!! The worst pain in my life!!! Seriously!! I have an extra thick septum so the popping noise was disgusting!! So he lets me look at myself with tears down my face and a needle and cork sittin' in my nose and I start laughing, then sneeze like 50 times. Once he put the retainer in I couldn't even tell I had just gotten a piercing. It was this really weird feeling. I thanked him and told him I'd be back to get my nipples done and left. The whole process was a big blur, and alot - I mean alot of pain was involved. Basically the worst pain I have gone through inmy life, but it was worth it. I can hide this one, and no on can make me take it out. It's about 9 days later, and I can take it out, clean it and put it back in with out any pain. Sometimes at night when I hit it it hurts, but that's all. This is the best piercing I ever got. I finally showed my mom and she likes it because I can hide it. (By the way, since taking out my piercings, my sister has gotten a couple and now my mom thinks they are "cute") With this piercing brings me confidence, happiness, and this really weird feeling of power that I can't explain. Since getting it done I have been aproaching all my problems head first. I feel like if I can do this piercing I can do anything. Knowing that you have this little piece of metal in your nose that no one else can see is the best. Please think about this one. It will literally change you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Saint+Sabrina%27s
Location: Minnesota

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