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It looks more like a hollow nail.

s my nostril piercing experience. I'll briefly go over my piercing history. At 14 I got my lobes pierced for the first time, by gun, then did a second hol in my left ear on my own, and had my bellybutton done for a few months, which I got sick of and took out. I rarely wear earrings anymore. But I decided one day I wanted my nose pierced, a lot. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. I asked my mom, she said yes right away. I waited forever to ask my dad. And finally, I had the money, and was going to ask my dad that night. "Sandra! Want to come see Rage against the machine with us?" I spent the money on my ticket. General admission floor ticket too! So I waited for a cheque to come and for it to clear. When it cleared I was all happy, and got my mom to ask my dad. He said yes. I was so excited. I called my friend Jason, and he said he'd take me. I had called the piercing place (Rainbow Concepts, in Niagara Falls) many times to verify things. Finally, the day came. I had my boyfriend over (Sean) and he called. "Want to go today? We're going to the movies so lets get it done quick!" I was so nervous and shaky, I felt sick to my stomach. But when Jason, Jaquie and 2 of his friends pulled in I was laughing with them. They said if I didn't get it done, they'd kick my ass so hard I'd regret it because that would hurt more! I went ot a bank machine, half hoping the card would be rejcted. Nope. It wasn't. I mutted a silent "Yes!" And then "Damn!" and we drove across to Rainbow. Jason and Jacquie got tattoos there, so they knew the people there. I filled out some forms, and they took me to the back room. I'm 15 now, and legal age without an adult is 16. But I had 4 adults with me. The piercers name is Franko, a nice guy witha tragus piercing. Sean and I went into the back. Everyone else stayed out, probably betting I wouldn't do it. But I paid before going into the back, so it would be a waste if I didn't do it! Franko had me select a stud, I took a normal silver one in an autoclaved package. He took it out (after putting gloves on and cleaning off the table) and threw the other stud in the package away, since it would be no use. He placed it on the table, on some paper towels. I saw an autoclave, and a needle in a package, plus a biohzard waste. I was shaking, and my heart was beating so fast. I sat down, and grabbed Sean's hand. Jacquie walked in, she said she'd have to see it to believe it. Am I really that nervous? I had stopped gagging when we left my house though. Franko started to clean my nose and I jumped at the touch. He laughed, told me to get down, and raised the chair a bit. I sat with my eyes closed while he cleaned the rest of it, and tried not to inhale the alcohol or iodine. He did a very thorough job of cleaning out my nose. It was rather uncomftorable to have someone I don't know fishing around inside my nose. He put the elastics on the clamps. I should also mention the bottles of alcohol and idone had bags over them, freshly put on and thrown out after each person. He would spray it onto paper towels. Franko changed his gloves, and marked my nose, and made sure I liked it. He picked up the clamps and said "This is going to pinch a little" and clamped my nose. It ached a bit. I was more afraid of having it done without clamps than of the clamps. I still didn't know where the needle was. I closed my eyes tight and felt his hand at my nose. "Are you ready?" "Yes" I said, wincing a bit. After I finished the word he thrust the needle through. When I had saw it once, it looked like a nail. A long hollow nail. I felt it tear through each layer of cartilage, and it hurt so much. It was over in what seemed like eternity, but it was done really quickly. Tears were pouring out of my right eye but only my right eye. He took the clamps off and left the needle hanging saying "That wasn't that bad, was it?" I was in shock, and didn't answer! He had noticed I was jumpy, and pale white before, and tried his best to calm me down. But I panic very easily and I'm very jumpy all the time. He removed the needle from my nose (and threw it in the biohazard) and it started to hurt a bit. He put the jewellry in, which I didn't feel, and tried to put the back on without moving my nose much. He must of been able to tell by the look on my face, and Sean said I squirmed a bit as he pierced it, that it had hurt me, and slipped the jewellry in. We laughed at my small nostrils. I got up to see it, and nearly collapsed when I sat back down. He warned me the alcohol might sting a bit, and put some more on gently. It felt cool on my nose. He wiped the bit of blood up, and put vaseline on it, so the blood wouldn't drip down my face. Clever. I have sensitive nostrils, just pushing on them aches, so thats probably why the piercing hurt so much. Jason and the rest walked in and we joked and talked for a bit. "She's coming to get her clit pierced when she's 16, 17 or 18!" Franko said "Cool" to that. I said "No way! I horseback ride!" and Jason followed with a witty comment "Then you'd be cumming as you're going!" and we all had a good laugh. My nose was in shock, and didn't hurt then. I thanked Franko as he cleaned up and gave me an aftercare sheet. He had already explained aftercare to me, very thoroughly, describing what brand of this and that do what. When I got back into the car my nose burned and hurt a bit, and did for a few hours. We got a dirty look by some lady in the van beside us. I was so happy all night long. I was proud of myself. And Sean wanted a piercing. He said it looked "cool" when the needle went through, it was so fast. I guess when you're in the chair it seems like eternity. So we might go get our tragus' (tragi?) done together. Franko had his tragus pierced, and Sean thought it looked awesome. I did too. The people there were very nice, and very clean. They didn't discriminate against all of us when we walked in because we have few visible mods. They were very friendly, and sterile. I'll definately go back for other things. And the pain faded in a few hours. It hurts when I clean it out, but thats about it. I can't wait until school, the looks I'm going to get. I already corrupted some children. It was a fun experience, even though it did hurt a bit, but that just adds to it, doesn't it? I can't emphasize how nice the people were to us there. The place was great. The "back rooms" had pictures, but no porn, and it looked very neat, not doctors office neat, but very neat and orderly. I would do it again if I had to and I'd go back there. They made me feel so comftorable and helped try to calm me down a bit. It looks awesome, and I love my new piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Franko
Studio: Rainbow+Concepts
Location: N+Falls

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