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The story of my studded nostril

wanted a nose piercing for a long, long time. Coming from a highly conservative family in which I was an only child, I waited until college to go through with it. I thought about it all during my freshman year...and didn't do it. My friends and I always talked about how cool it would be and whatnot, but I wasn't ready. So I came back for my sophomore year as a slightly different person--more worldy i guess, less conservative, more daring and assertive. I began to think that I should just go ahead and do it because I would always wonder "what if?" if I didn't do it, and nothing ventured, nothing gained. Plus, i could always have the bragging rights of having my nose pierced and I just wanted to have the experience. So I called the studio and asked some questions, and set up my appointment right then. I wanted to pick a time period where I could let it heal enough so I would be able to take it out for holidays and job interviews and stuff. Once I had called, I didn't want to wait, so I made the appointment for that day, and me and three of my friends planned to go. Earlier in the day, I had been wearing a fake nose ring around and my best friend freaked cause he thought it was real and told me he'd disown me if I got it done. I just laughed-and didn't tell him that I was having it done for real that night. So my friends and I went at 7:30. I was not nervous at all until I got to the studio and filled out paperwork and was waiting. But Kevin was really nice and calming, and he made sure that I knew exactly what was going on so I'd be cool. My three friends debated and argued who would get to come in with me...finally my roomie won. I was glad, cause she put me at ease and was acting like my mom, asking questions and stuff and taking pictures-it was pretty funny. I was sitting on the little table, and Kevin marked my nose to see where I wanted it. Then he prepped my nose with Betadine and had me lie down. The receiving tube went in my nose, and he had me doing some breathing exercises. On "3" the needle went in. By the time I felt it, it was all over. It only hurt for like a millisecond. I don't have the highest pain tolerance, and I handled it, so anyone can. It was honestly a lot better than I had thought. I sat up, and had a cute little silver stud in my nose, and I was thrilled! It was the most exciting thing...something I had been wanting for so long and bam, now I had it! I went out to the waiting room and all my girls loved it. Then I had to go to a meeting and everyone was so excited to see it too. I got home, and my friend (the one who would disown me) came over. He didn't even notice it! He had gotten a haircut and goes "whattya think of my haircut, you know, something new..." and I go "yeah, something new, I getcha...", waiting for him to notice my 'something new'! I had to point it out. Then he was just like, "whoa, how self involved am I for not noticing that!" Once I showed him though, he got a little mad, but then later said it was cute and whatever made me happy was fine with him. He and my parents were the only ones I was afraid to tell. I made up a whole list of reasons for my parents as to why I wanted it done. Like cultural acceptance (b/c you know how a lot of Indian women have it done as a part of their culture---but when i told my parents that, my mom said, who cares, you're not Indian!), and another reason was that I was able to adorn my body how I saw fit--like you know how you can't control pain or illness or anything, but I was able to control the amount of jewelry I could wear. They didn't really listen to the arguments, just lamented the loss of "my precious nose." But whatever, they accept it even though they don't like it, and are comforted by the fact that it is only temporary. As for me, I love it! I think it is just the most fun thing, and I can wear more jewelry! It is really a tiny stud and cute, and I like having the option of wearing a stud, a ring, or whatever, or not even wearing anything at all. I actually put a hoop in today, and it was cute, but I went back to the stud. I was able to take it out for a job interview too. It's really easy to get in and out--when I first got it, I thought I'd never get the screw out..but it is all good. I've had it for 7 weeks now...and it did get infected. First there was a little red bump to the side of it. I thought that was just nothing, and left it alone. But um, just kidding b/c it suddenly got worse and got all big, red, swollen, and it bled! So I made an appt. with a doctor and she was like, whoa, that has to come out, it is way infected. She told me to take it out and repierce in 3 months. So I persisted and made her give me antibiotics and stuff, and now it is all healed and I still have the nice little hole in my nose! So if you do get this done and see a bump...get it checked out soon so you don't have to take a ton of pills like I did. I would totally recommend doing this to anyone who wants to. What have you got to lose? nothing. and plus it looks really cool. I love it to death! No regrets...if you have any questions or anything, feel free to email me or whatever since I love to chat! good luck with any body mod you might do


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Kevin
Studio: Splash+of+Color
Location: East+Lansing%2C+Michigan

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