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Septum Obsession

s early on as I can remember, I have been fascinated by piercings and other forms of body adornment. When I was little, I always wanted to get my ears pierced, but I never had enough guts to ask my parents to let me. As I got older, my fascination turned into an obsession, wanting more and more things pierced, and attempting to do some myself. I was in the seventh grade when I realized how much I wanted (needed) to get my septum pierced. I had seen many people get their septums pierced, including two very close friends. This didn't make me want to change my mind about getting it done, it made the urge stronger. I asked and asked my parents for their permission, but their answer was always a 'no'. I decided against obeying them and decided to show up at the piercing place on the day school let out last June. I met up with some friends at a local Dairy Queen with the intent of getting pierced that night. My friend Matt was supposed to bring his 14 gauge retainer for me to put into the fresh piercing, but his stupid-ass forogt it at home and didn't want to turn around. We looked through his little cache of old body jewelry and found a 14 gauge circular barbell, perfect for my new piercing. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then drove straight to Modern Primitive. We arrived at Modern Primitive to be greeted by an unfriendly cashier/autoclaver/loser. I asked politely if I could speak with Benji, and he went off to get him. Benji came up and I asked if he would pierce my septum. He said yes, and I gave him the jewelry. We were told of a wait of 15 minutes, so Matt and I went outside to smoke a cigarette and chill out. We went back in and looked through the photo books we had each seen a hundred times. Benji came out, and said it was time. I walked into the room and he had me sit down on this vinyl covered leopard print reclining doctors chair. He put out all the stuff, like the needle and whatnot, and prepped the area. He had me lay back so he could look at my septum and poke around with the opposite end of the needle. When he was poking around I sort of sneezed/coughed/ laughed all at the same time, but it hurt like hell! At this time I was scared shitless of the piercing, because just poking around was really bad. Then he informed me that I had an abnormally thick septum and it was going to hurt like a bitch. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins like crazy now, and he was putting the receiving tube on the opposite side of my septum, needle in placem, and having me take three deep breaths. After the second breath, I asked him to stop and let me relax for a minute. He was VERY pleasant and told me to tell him when I was ready. I told him to go on, took my three deep breaths, and.....that was it. Nothing. I remember no pain, no pinch, nothing. I think I heard a slight crunch, but it was nothing unpleasant. Then he put the jewelry through, which hurt a little. I sat up and tears were running down my cheeks! Your eyes will water BTW, so don't be disturbed. He asked me to pay $15, which is a big discount, and I was on my way. I kept the circular barbell down all night, but flipped it up when I got home to avoid confrontation with my parents. I started a new job the next day, so it was flipped up for a good 14 hours before I could let it down to breathe. When I did let it down, it was very crusty and had some dried blood on it. I cleaned it off and went out. I decided to get a retainer put into it for comfort and went back to Modern Primitive. Benji was busy, so Barry cleaned the retainer off and put it in for me. This hurt more than before, but I felt better having it in. Five months later and it is totally healed. I wear the retainer most of the time, but I wear the circular barbell on the weekends. I think a septum piercing is so beautiful, and the meaning behind it is so much more....strength, survival, wisdom, and prosperity. I would recommend this piercing to anyone! If anyone has any questions or anything, please feel free to write me. I am planning on getting my conch's done with a dermal punch, and may get my traguses done as well. Happy piercngs! Mike


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Benji+Tretter
Studio: Modern+Primitive
Location: Fort+Wayne%2C+Indiana

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