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uhh, it is my septum?

My name is Lexy Lewis and I live in a little suburd just outside of Cincinnati. I have my ears stretched to 5/8's inch and am planning on stretching more but that is a different story altogether. About a year ago I became indulged in piercings. I had my ears pierced but had just found out about stretching. My friends and I were all stretching our ears and talking about all these piercings we wanted. Of course nobody got any because of our parents but it was still a dream. This past summer I became extremly infatuated with tongue piercings and begged my mom to let me get it done. Of course she said no. I kept on bugging her about it. One day I was just joking around and said" If I get all A's in school then can I get my tongue pierced?" Suprisingly enough she said yes. So the school year started and I started trying in school for the first time ever. I didn't think A's would be a problem because I could get C's without too much effort. Then I found BME and looked up all different kinds of piercings. I found so many different things I wanted pierced. Every week I would tell people that at the end of the quarter I would get this or that pierced. The next week it would change. For some reason I felt that I was going nowhere because I wanted to get peirced now. I started to slack off in school and my grades dropped. Bad idea. The end of the quarter was rolling around and I relised I only have two weeks to boost my grades. I started working my ass off. I ended up the quarter with a C and the rest B's except for one A. I was thoroughly pissed. I started moping around the house and just doing this and doing that with no enthusiam. My parents relised what these piercings meant to me. We sat down and talked for a long while and it ended up that my mom would take me to go get my septum pierced the next day. After that conversation I had to change my underwear because I was so suprised. The next day rolls around. I was up early for school and really glad to be alive. After school I came home and waited for my mom to get home and for my girlfriend to drop off the miney I loned her. The both show up at the same time. I get my money, my jewlery for my soon to be pierced septum and my birth certificate and hop into my mom"s car. During the car ride to Queen City I started figeting because I was so nervous. We get there and me and my mom walk in. The piercer says hello and asks us if we needed anything. I tell him I want my septum done. He walks back into his piercing room and get the forms. It was only one sheet of paper. My signs her name and I fill out the rest. He takes my 12 gauge septum retainer and tells me to sit down in this dentist chair. He leans me back and shows me MY needle. "This is your needle. No one else will touch it except for you." Sounded reassuring. He marks up the spot on my nose and tells me to close my eyes. He puts the needle up to my nose and asks me if I am ready. I quiet ya is all I can reply. I feel a lot of pressure, pain, and then water running down my face. The needle was in. Ya!!!!! " I am gonna have to make another hole because of the gauge of your retainer" Oh really. Well pulls out the neddle and puts it up to my nose again. I feel pressure, more pain and more tears running down my face. I open my eyes. "Is it bleeding?" "Ya" He pulls out the needle and puts in the retainer. Done. He blots the blood out of my nose and gives me some aftercare advice. I pay and I am out of there. I go home and clean it and then I am off to work. So anyway it has been about tweo weeks since I have had it done. It is pretty much healed. I got bored of the retainer and the small gauge so a couple of days ago I put in a 10 gauge CBR. It slid right in. I am extremly happy with it. Most of my friends think that it is pretty sick but oh well their choice. To any one thinking of getting something pierced, do it. Ya it hurts and ya you might lose your job, but if you want anything bad enough then you are going to have to make sacrifices. So far the only sacrifice I have made is my girl friend. Her loss.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: I+never+asked+him+his+name
Studio: Queen+City
Location: Just+outside+of+Cincinnati

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