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another homemade hole to add to the list...the nostril

ther homemade hole to add to the list....the nostril" Ok here it goes, the story of my nostril piercing and how I came around to doing it. It was a late night and nothing had been accomplished all day. Usually when i get bored i decide to pierce something, so that is what ended up happening. Silence filled the room as i tried to think of what to pierce..i already had tons of piercings on my ears, although more would only help, my belly button was done, and at some time or another i had already pierced a bunch of other things. As I thought, it came to me that i had not pierced my nose yet. That was going to be next. And why not i wanted to see what it would look like anyways.

I went to the bathroom and I tried to find the largest safety pin I could, some alcohol, and some toilet paper and/or cotton swabs. Once I had found everything, the confusion ran through my mind on where the perfect spot for where this new hole should be placed. Once i had picked a spot, I placed the needle directly above it. The safety pin I had found was huge, so it was gripping it just right was kind of hard. Once I had a good enough grip I slowly pressed the needle into the epidermis of my nostril, the pain was not too much, but I was mainly afraid to do it fast which would help in the subject of lessening the pain because for some odd reason I was scared of poking the other side of my nose and making it hurt. Ya, I know I'm weird, I mean I'm only shoving a round sharp object through my nostril, and that should hurt enough, but hey you don't think straight when you're doing these kind of things. The safety pin went through my nose slowly but surely. I was turning a little red because, not thinking again, i would forget to breathe. Yes yes i know, silly me but ,hey, try to rememer to breathe when you do it, if you have not already, it helps, really. Well finally I had gotten to the bottom couple layers of skin. I was excited but I could not seem to get the needle through the bottom layer of skin on my nose. My head overflowed with frustration as I tried harder and harder to push the large safety pin through these final layers of skin in my nose. Finally, i took a big breathe and as i let it out i pushed with all my might, I was still careful to avoid hitting the other side of my nose thought. Finally it was through. I was so happy, I looked at the mirror to see what it looked like, but I could not get past seeing this huge safety pin coming out of my nose. I wanted to see what it would look like with an earring in my nose, so I took out the safety pin carefully. I could feel the skin of my nostril pulling, it definately felt weird but it did not hurt. I placed the earring in carefully, trying not to hit any fragile raw skin. Finally it was done, and I was now a 15 year old with her nose pierced. Ya the feeling was great, it was kind of like I had accomplished something all on my own. The feeling is something you have got to experience, if you have not already. The pierced area was pink for a couple days, but then it went away and since then it is just like new. For me, the excitement never went away. I have now had my piercing for about 4 months and I'm completely happy with it. Now I would like to have my septum done, by myself, so, if you have any tips, e-mail me. I guess you can never get enough piercings. I know i can't. Just remember with self piercings, always be safe and percautious. Look up the necessary information and make sure it is one hundred percent safe.

Well thanx for listening and sorry that my story was not as good as the other's, but hey, I'm not perfect. If you have any comments or questions feel free to e-mail me. Whatever floats you boat. Later. ~~Brandy Lee W.~~ Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I get and the only answers I know to say. 1.Did it hurt? No. You could feel it but the feeling was not pain. 2.Does it hurt when it is cold? Ok, now I don't know where this one came from or how it got here but no and why would it? 3.How do you pick your nose? Well..think about how you pick your nose...ready...like that. 4.Does it hurt when you sneeze? Nope you can't even feel it. If you feel it at all it's just alittle tingly feeling 5.Would you do it again? HELL YA


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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