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Piercing virgin loses her virginity at 32

sire to get my nose pierced began after looking at the cover of my Lenny Kravitz CD . Every time I looked at that CD cover my desire got stronger, I thought it looked so sexy. So I began checking out websites on piercing, and found yours. I read through many of the experiences & checked out the photos. I was to be on vacation for a week so I figured that would be the ideal time to do it, if I were actually to go through with it. I was somewhat concerned about what my bosses reaction would be at work. I asked a few of my close coworkers what they thought my bosses reaction might be - they couldn't help much - one of them told me if it was something I wanted to do I should just go for it. So I did. I have to admit I was very concerned with the pain factor, particularly since I do not especially like needles. Even though I have a few tattoos, I was worried somehow that this would be more unbearably painful. From the experiences I read on this site It seemed that the pain factor was split, some felt it was painful - others did not. Fortunately, I fell into the second group - I really didn't find it to be painful at all - a quick tiny prick & it was over. But let me regress - I decided to go to Utopia to have the piercing done - my husband is acquainted with the 2 guys who pierce there, & the both the piercers & the place have a good reputation. Me & my husband go in, we head straight for the jewelry counter, & talk to the guy there. I tell him I am thinking of getting my nostril pierced & want to see the jewelry. He suggests I talk with the piercer himself, so he brings him over to talk with me. He picks up 2 rings shows them to me - he suggested one - I told him I liked the smaller one better. I ask him if it is going to hurt - his reply was it's not going to hurt me. Okay NOW I"M SCARED! I pay for the ring , & my husband decides what the hell he'll get his done too. He already has experience with piercing - When I met him he had several in his ear, his nipple & his navel - all of which he has since removed. During this time it seemed like I was in a daze, I was thinking holy shit I'm actually going to do this. I try to get my hubby to go first, he insists that I do. So okay I sit down - the guy goes over the possible complications with piercings, the importance of cleaning the piercing during the healing, & explains the procedure. He tells me he is going to have me take a deep breath in when he tells me too, & than will ask me to exhale - during which he will do the actual piercing. He cleans the area, suggests I might want to close my eyes - many people prefer too, & I hold my husband's hand. I breathe in & exhale when he says - and before I know it it's done. I hardly even felt it - just a quick pinch - my eyes never teared & my husband said I hadn't even squeezed his hand. He pushed the ring through & closed the ball & I was done. Next was my husband's turn - his fell into the first category - painful. The guy put the needle through, but could not get the ring through the piercing. He asks my husband if he wants to try again - so he says sure. The guy puts the needle back through a second time - but again is unable to get the ring through. I felt soo bad for him - his eyes were tearing & it sure looked like it was painful. He decided two tries were enough - it just wasn't meant to be. The guy apologized & said he didn't know why it wouldn't take & my husband told him he had had similar problems when he had his navel done. I told him it was because his nose was too tough having been broken in the past. Both of us were glad I had gone before he had - because after seeing his experience I probably would've backed out myself. It's been a little over a week ago since I had it done & I'm glad that I did it. It looks so cool. My boss took it pretty well - His first reaction was why would you want to go & do that to your pretty face. He asked me a couple of questions about it, & kindly offered to remove it with his wire cutters when it is healed & can be taken out. Needless to say I declined his offer & told him I would remove it myself when it was done healing. The guy who pierced it says it takes 9 months to fully heal & that the ring should be left in until than. I don't know if I will wait that long or not - I've heard many people say it can be changed in about 2-3 months. I am debating about whether I will wear a small stud during the week to my job or will just remove it for work. I haven't decided yet - I figure I'll see how it goes during that time. Certainly I will take it out for work if need be, & just wear it outside of work Some people don't like it, others think it looks okay - but would never do it themselves, & a few thinks it looks cool. Most people seem to feel that it looks painful - which I tell them it isn't. My one friend who is a few years older than I - said we are too old to be getting pierced - My husband told him to speak for himself - I agree. One is never too old to try new things, live, learn & experience life to the fullest. I am going to see how the healing goes & may go back to get my navel done. So far it seems to be healing very well - so belly button beware..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Allan
Studio: Utopia
Location: Long+Island%2C+NY

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