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and I'm only 13!

really feel like saying right now is that I'm glad it's over!! I was really really REEEEEALLY scared when I walked into the place, since it's on the Haight and it's kind of a creepy area, but I was determined to go through with it. I had a hard time choosing the artist and studio because I looked in about every existing phone book for the whole of San Francisco and I couldn't find a single thing on piercing, or tattoo, or body modifications, or anything at all!!!!! So basically what I did is asked around, I know a girl with a pierced belly button and my cousin has her nostril pierced (strangely enough she had it done in Nepal, but she still helped me out and eventually brought me to the place I got it done at) and my cousin's friend has her eyebrow pierced. Sooo my cousin found me this place, and that's where my story begins. This was my first piercing (I don't even have my ears pierced!), so I was really nervous, as I said before, but anyway I went up to the counter and asked if I could get my navel pierced (that's what I originally wanted), and the girl behind the counter asked if she could see it. I showed her, and she said that I "didn't have a very good navel" (pshaw, whatever) and that since I'm so young it had a higher chance of infecting or rejecting, and since I'm still growing it could get really REALLY really screwed up and be really badly scarred. then she said cheerfully, "I could still do it!" but by that time she had convinced me, so I went to talk to my mom. I still wanted to go through with this piercing thing, and so we decided on my nose, because I realized that that's what i really wanted (I've wanted one since, like, 6th grade). We went up to the girl again, and asked her about my nose. She said sure this time, but it took a while to go through all the legal junk with the IDs and my mom signing the consent form and stuff, but we eventually finished the mountain of paperwork. I picked out a simple silver (or it was silver-colored at any rate) stud that screws in, and then had to wait for an even longer time while she went to sterilized it and the equipment or something. I didn't pay attention to anything she said because I was just thinking about how much itw as going to hurt and how scared it was. At last the time came to go to the back room (actually it wasn't even a room, just kind of a section of the big room) But anyways... I was even more nervous by this time, and I was shaking, but the way the girl was talking to me really calmed me down. She put some antibacterial stuff on my nostril (if I didn't say already, I got my right nostril pierced) She told me to take a deep breath, and on the count of 5 she was going to push the needle in. And let me tell you, it hurt! maybe i'm just sensitive, but it did hurt quite a bit. she then put the jewelry in, and it was over before I knew it. She held up a mirror for me to take a look, and I couldn't believe it!! Me! I had actually done it! I pierced my nose!!!!!!! I couldn't wait to show all of my friends, even if they thought it was stupid (it turns out that even though they had all told me not to do it, they all admitted it looked super super cool in the end). Even my mom agreed it looked really cool. It's been a week or so since i had it done, and i think i'm still on an adrenaline high. i can't believe I did it! I've always been afraid of needles and pain, but I think this really broke the barrier. The healing has been going pretty well, and I hope it continues that way. If you have any questions, i'll try and answer the ones I had before, they might help you. Does it hurt? I think this depends on each individual, but for me it hurt a considerable amount, but it's gone now. and it was REALLY WORTH IT!!!!!! How long does it take to heal? I don't know because I'm not done healing yet. And those are all the questions I really had, because I'd been looking at BME and this other piercing website for a while and they really helped me. I'm SOOOOOO HAPPY!!! Someday I eventually want to pierce my eyebrow, labret, tongue, navel, and get 3 holes in my right lobe and 2 in my left and one in the cartilage on top in my left, and I might want to get pierced in that little ridge of cartilage inside the ear (the top one, it's called the daith or rook or something) but until then I think i'll settle with this wonderful lovely beautiful little nostril pierce.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: some+girl+with+a+lot+of+piercings%3F
Studio: I+forget+the+name
Location: San+Francisco

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