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My dodgy nose piercing

en wanting to get my nose pierced for years, and as I'm 16, I thought it would be the right time to do it. I really love having peircings and the pain is good too. That probably sounds weird coming from a 16 year old, but that's me. When I finally worked up the courage to get it done, there was a place that did tatts and peircings near where I lived, so I went with a friend one day. It took me all day to actually get it done, and this was after alot of prompting from my friend "It'll look good! Really!" (I didn't believe her somehow, it actually DOES look good though). It still took me three tries to actually go up to the counter and ask. I also looked at the jewellery, which sparked more interest from me, as well as people (Friends of mine) telling me that it'd look cool, and I'd be really proud of it afterwards. (Pretty stupid, I know). The guy who was going to do my peircing told me it would only be $10 dollers to do it! I couldn't believe the bargain. Nowhere can you get a facial piercing for that price. But that should have been a warning, that there's probably a reason for it to be so cheap. The shop was okay, not the best, but regardless, I went ahead with it. I didn't know much about it beforehand, and that's the problem. The piercer didn't even ask me if I wanted to get it done, he simply said "C'mon, you're getting it done. It won't hurt. C'mon!" So I followed him. I had a friend come in with me and hold my hand, I was really scared, to the point of shaking. The piercer didn't even ask me if I'd had any alcohol or anything beforehand, or even if I was 18, he didn't care at all. He put me in a chair, cleaned the area, and used a GUN, a normal ear piercing gun to pierce my nose! He also used a normal ear stud, instead of a proper nose ring. It didn't hurt at all, besides afterwards.....then my eyes started watering. I didn't realise that using a ear gun is a big no-no, until I went and spoke to a qualified piercer afterwards (After my nose wouldn't heal and it was infected). I got up and looked at my new nose ring, and it looked wrong. Not right, too out of place. The stud was too big for my nostril, but I still kept it in. The other qualified shop told me that what I was told to do to help it heal (Using Metho, bad mistake) was bad, and that I should use salt water instead. They also told me that the shop that I'd got it done in was a renouned shop NOT to get piercings done, that they don't even have qualifications. They gave me alot of help, and told me to come back to them if I ever have any problems. I'll never go back to the first shop again, never ever. They are using cheap prices to lure people in, but what for? My nose now gets infected all the time, and it hurts alot. I thought it was supposed to have healed by now, a year later. Sometimes it hurts to just put a new ring in. Maybe I should take it out and let it heal over, and then get a proper one done, but I'd rather just leave it in and try to see if it heals properly. I really don't know what to do. Afterwards, I got the usual "Did that hurt?" crap, but it makes you feel special to know that you can take the pain.
Well, almost a year later, it still gets infected, and it won't heal. Sometimes it heals for long enoug to put a new ring in, then when I take it out, it gets infected again. Then it heals, etc....it's a bad cycle to be in. I'm totally frightened about it, and this is a warning to people who want to get something done: Check out places before you go. Make sure they are clean looking, and the peple tell you about what's going to happen. Don't do what I did and just sit down and let them do stuff to you. Check out that the piercer has proper qualifications, maybe even ask if they have a licence or how long they've been doing it for, just so you are safe in mind. Also that they use proper hygene and tools. That's very important. You wouldn't want to get pierced with a gun. trust me. Email me if you have any idea what I should do about my nose or any advice you can give. All advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Some+guy
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Location: Australia

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