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septum love

l remember the first time i ever saw a septum piercing. on a spontaneous whim, i chose to stretch one of my ear holes to 8ga from whatever gauge it was at after years of pulling and playing with it. i went to a piercer to do it, and in the course of conversation, he showed me his septum piercing. it was the most interesting thing i had ever seen. it had been hidden with a retainer, and the idea that one could do that was so exhilirating. but in my head i didn't like the piercing, it seemed too bullish for me. fast forward to the summer after my senior year. i had let the stretched hole shrink back down, but wanted it back. so i marched myself back to the guy, and again the ear went back to 8ga. and, again, i saw his septum piercing. it fascinated me this time, a year or so older, with a much stronger interest in piercing. i stumbled across bme, and lo and behold i fell in love with the septum. it seemed to hold such a native power to it, and the idea that the savage power could be displayed or hidden made it even more powerful. on to college. in the boston area now, i knew my piercing desires would soon come true. sure enough, the first weekend, my hallmate wanted her tongue pierced. i wanted to go and get my septum done, but everyone in our group convinced me my tongue should be punctured as well. so i relented, and my tongue was pierced. of course, not only did I agree to get my tongue done (not necessarily bad, I wanted it done eventually, but septum was higher on the list) I also had to go first. I was really scared, cause the actually concept of getting my tongue pierced had not been a very active part of my mind. one thing I thought was interesting, and also is a testament to the talents of the piercer, he did not use clamps. he felt they hurt worse than the piercing and thus if I felt I could sit still enough he could freehand it. and he nailed it. awesome.
healing was ok...my tongue was incredibly swollen. a warning for anyone planning to get their tongue pierced: too much ice cream is very very very bad. it makes you very very very sick. aside from that minor incident, I was pretty much ok with healing. although it is very distinctly not allowed, I hooked up a week after it was pierced and it was fine...I think that really depends on healing time, etc. I don't recommend frenching for at least a week and a half...I found that my tongue would get tired or would suddenly twinge. I also found the tongue to be very very useful in pleasuring others...so if you want great hookups....get your tongue pierced. so my tongue heals, life is good...i have this lousy hookup, and it puts me in a pissy mood. so i turned to my roommate and was just like, I want my septum pierced. tonight. being a loyal and wonderful roommate she came with me. i was TERRIFIED!!! i expected pain beyond belief, and when the needle went thru i didn't even know it. I jumped more at the receiving tube (which I thought was the needle) it was so not scary, but I was still grabbing my roommate's hand for dear life. owen (the piercer) was kinda shocked, he said it was rare that my eyes didn't tear or anything. he was cool, he also did my tongue. if you go to the jewelry gallery definitely go to him. anyhow. so cleaning it is a bitch. i won't lie. esp in a dorm situation, where standing in the bathroom wiht q-tips up your nose is a communal event. also, for the first 48 hours or so, I had a real hard time with my upper lip, it felt all stiff and funny. that disappeared rather quickly, but the stiffness was not fun for a few days. salt water is great for cleaning it. I love my piercings, and here is where I get on my soapbox and say why. I feel a very primitive tie to the ancient world thru piercing, this idea that I am in some way tied to a life before technology and "modern" society. people regard such a world as being lower than themselves, but I believe its illustrious history demands and deserves respect. that's why this story is primarily about my septum, my all time favorite piercing. it is so powerful...I love it. I also love the 4ga plug in my ear, which I stretched up to myself...each time I reach a new gauge I say enough, but it's never enough...the addiction for more is always there. next piercing is either industrial, anti-tragus or daith. or possibly nipples, but that is a remote chance b/c my friend has a really lousy experience that was downright scary. so I am reluctant to take the risk with anyone I am not 110% confident in...don't get me wrong, owen is awesome, but I need to feel like I can trust them implicitly. owen sometimes has attitude about very "cool" piercings. until we got to talking the first time I met him, he had this "oh no, rebellious college students" attitude that kinda ticked me off. but he is a really good piercer and a nice person once you get to know him. any advice on possible piercings OR any questions on stretching yr ears, tongue piercings or septum piercings, just drop me a line :) carly


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: owen
Studio: the+jewelry+gallery
Location: the+garage+%28a+mall%29+cambridge%2C+ma

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