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Painful Septum and other expierences

my septum done about twenty-five days ago and it was a great experience.But before I had my septum done I had my tongue and my eyebrow done.Ever since I was about thirteen I was interested in ear piercing.So on my fourteenth birthday me and a friend took a sowing needle and was ready to do my first ear piercing.I sat on my bed very nervous,while my friend put a cloth around his thumb to keep pressure on the needle while forcing it in.Two minutes and a sharp pain later I had a gold stud in my left hear.I showed my mom who was not upset like I thought she would be.So a couple months later I had three earings in my left ear and was ready to go further.Since I'm under age I approached my mother asking her if I could have my eyebrow pierced. She said no.I was wanting it real bad,so for months I pleaded and begged to her to let me have it done.Finally she gave in and said yes! I was very happy,so the next day I went to a small body piercing place and I don't remember the name,but it was not ink cave.The guy who's name was Adam told me to take a seat.While I waited with antisapation adam was sterilizing the instruments.After that was through he opened a package that had a needle in it.he clamped my eyebrow then put the needle through like it was nothing.Then slipped a hoop I wanted in.I had a small aderline rush,it was great.Three months down the road I wanted to go even further.That was when a tongue piercing popped into my mind.But since I need a parent to sign for me,which they would'nt at the time. So I went out and at the age of fiftheen and finally convinced my parents to get me a tongue ring.But the downside was I had to take out two of my earings,no big deal.I dd,then the next day I went place people recommended highly Ink Cave.The people there were really nice.the man that did it asked me "what did I want done?"I nervously said the tongue.So I waited a couple of minutes while he sterlized the equipment.He then took me to a small and very clean room.He told me to stick out my tongue.He looked at it then told me to hold it there.He then clamped it and took a paper towl and wiped it dry.He then pulled my tongue out and held it there.He then slipped needle in and three seconds later and little sharp pain it's over and a barbell was in it's place.I loved it and had a good adirline rush. Two months Later I was eady to go even further.But I did not know what I wanted to get pierced.So I browsed around and came to a conclusion.I wanted my septum pierced.Of course my parents was not fond of the ideal, but somehow I managed to talk them into it.It was a freakin miracle.So I went back to Ink Cave and meet the same guy who pierced my tongue.We talked for a couple minutes.Then I told him I wanted my septum done.I paid up and then he looked at my nose on both sides and told me to come and choose a 14 or I think 16 gauge hoop.I chose one with a green ball on it.So he then sterlized the equipment as I waited not nervous this time.He was ready and so was I.He put on a pair of latex gloves and cleaned my nose out on the inside.He then had the needle ready.I asked him "Is this going to hurt?"He replied with a smile "Oh Yeah, it's going to be a big pinch."No big deal I thought.How bad could this be.Both my sisterand mom watched. He then started slipping the needle in and then all of a sudden I felt pain like I never felt before.I hear people say it did not hurt,well mine sure in the hell did alot.I gripped my chair hard as a very tremendous sharp pain went through my body.I felt a burning sensation.My eyes began to water and then the man doing it said "Don't pass out on me alright."He then pussed it on through to the other side and slipped in the hoop and popped on the ball.I walked out with my mom and sister telling me "Damn! Your face turned blood red.I thought you were going to jump the way you was gripping the chair."So all in all the septum was the best experience of pain and adirline rush I have ever had.I heard some people get it done and it does not hurt.I do not know if this is true or not but mine hurt.If your going to get a septum then I say Go For It!You do not know what your missing until you get a septum.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+remember
Studio: Ink+cave+Tattoo
Location: Bowling+Green%2C+Kentucky

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