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My awesome septum!

have been obsessed with body piercings for a long time. But, I could never get it done. I wasn't of age and didn't have enough money. I first wanted my eyebrow, so I would pierce it in the bathroom with a safety pin. But, I would take it out before my parents came home so that they didn't see it. Then, I went to the mall and got my cartilege done. I also took that out before my parents came home. While I was within the daily grasp of my parents, I couldn't get anything done. Then, I went to college! When I went to college, I promised myself to get some piercings. But, I still was not 18. I would go to the piercing shop accross from campus and look at the jewelry they had. But, I still couldn't be pierced. Neither did I have the guts. I finally turned 18 on Wednesday. But, I couldn't decide what to get pierced. I was looking at pictures on BME of various piercings and I really liked the septum. I also saw a girl on campus who had a spike in her septum. That looked so awesome! But, I couldn't get it done for two reasons: First, I work and it would be seen there, and second my parents would probably stop paying for college. Fortunately, I found out that you can put a septum retainer in it and flip it up so that it's not seen. So, I decided to get it done. There is a place right accross from campus called The Edge. I decided to get it done there, because it was the closest. I decided to get it done Sunday night. But, when I got there, they were closed. I was so upset. So, I set my sights on getting it done Monday after my chemistry class was over. So, I went over there, to inquire about the piercing and was told that it cost $75, but I only had $70 with me. And, they only had one septum retainer left. I went home, and thought about it for a while. And then, I decided, if I won't get it done now, I never will. So, I went over there and told them what I wanted. I was really nervous. My hands felt cold and I was almost shaking. I filled out some paperwork that I'm 18, yadda, yadda, yadda. I waited for like a couple of minutes or so for them to autoclave the retainer and read some tattoo magazines there. Then, the piercer came back out and told me that everything was ready. They took me to the back and told me how to care for it. I listened. He told me not to touch it or mess with it unless I'm in the shower. I should take some cotton swabs and clean the pierced area. Then, he wiped my nose with Iodine and proceeded to pierce it. It actually didn't hurt that much. He put in the needle and "caught" it on the other end with a cork. My eyes started to water, but it was all cool. I looked down, and saw a needle in my nose! That was awesome! He slipped the retainer in and BAM! it was done. I loved it. I asked him to flip it up and he did, but you could still see it sticking out of my right nostril. I asked him to push it up more, but he couldn't. The piercing was crooked because I moved my head a little bit when he was piercing it. He offered to repierce it and I agreed. So, he took out the retainer, and it began bleeding like a bitch! He wiped the blood off and repierced it. This time, he did it higher so that it wouldn't be seen. Now, it was good. He flipped it up and it was awesome! It stung a little bit, but that's it. He wiped the rest of blood off and I was ready to go. I love my septum now! When I go out at night after my septum heals, I will put in a 14g bent barbell! I can't wait to show it off! Q&A Did it hurt? A little bit during the piercing. It stung more than it hurt and I felt a lot of pressure as he was doing the pierce. But, all in all, it doesn't hurt. It's like when you get a nose bleed. Does your nose swell? I don't know. I've only been pierced for like 2 hours. Email me tomorrow and I'll tell you if does the next day. If you ever think about getting pierced. Do it! It's awesome. My next pierces will be my nipples and an industrial. Email me some info about it. I'd love to hear from you!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+remember
Studio: The+Edge+Tattoo
Location: New+Haven%2C+CT

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