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12 and self-nose piercing

to start off i am 16 now and to tell you a little bit about myself, i am 5'3" and i have short dark hair and i have blue eyes (i have a photo on the BME's personals(got to love the personals and the pics ppl put on there!) under HOlly and i did my own nostril piercing about 4 years ago. well when i was little i had always wanted my nose pierced! my mom bought me a magnetic one to wear for a while but after a week or so it didnt satisfy me anymore. so one day when my moms boyfriends parents were up i asked my mom for about the billionth time and she finally said yes! i was so happy (i asked in the middle of the mall so ppl were looking when i started hugging my mom frantically) as i did my moms bfs mom (who is from texas and very very relgious so she didnt like the whole idea very much and i dont think she thought i would go through with it) started talking about these self piercing earrings and i could probably use them on my nose.(i also think she was a couple fries short of a happy meal if you get my drift :)) well dumbass me i believed her and what she was talking about was a hoop and it just boar its own hole! well i went in to the closest jewelry store and bought one and took it home, and ran straight to the bathroom. well after positioning the hoop on my nostril (on my right side, which i didnt know what side but i said the hell with it, it doesnt matter anyway no one thinks like that anymore) i showed everyone and waited... and waited... and waited even more!!! then when to bed because i was getting impatient.. the next day it wasnt through yet...so i waited... and kept waiting and going through with the questions ppl asked me at school like when is it going to go through? and what does it feel like? and other things like does it hurt and does it move (i lived in a hick town and ppl just had their ears pierced but i would like to say i started body piercings in that little town in new york and its grown rapidly)....well after 5 days....5 DAYS!! i was watching mtv video music awards and i was playing with it...and i just poked it right through!! as it went through i heard a little pop but i didnt hurt, not half as much as my ears did when i got them done at the mall many years before. ear guns are evil!! so i ran to the bathroom and that was when i found out that it had moved a bit while sleeping and playing with it and its kind of low so i though i would put 2 in the same nostril but never did it and still havent done it though i tried a couple times with a needle and i got it half way through and then had to go or something came up...i never did get to do it! maybe ill do it soon though! (but the one i have now doesnt look too bad like this so im not going to worry about it to much!) but i recommend that if you are wanting to get your nostril pierced get it done by a pro! because mine got infected and sure every percing can get infected but i didnt know what to do about it but luckly my mom is a nurse! so go to a pro! because when it got infected it got a puss packet and i popped it!! i could have totally got an infection in my blood or something but that is really rare! and i could have totally not gone through that if i knew what i was doing! right now im looking to get my nipple and my tongue! and of course im not doing it myself! but my mom isnt too keen on the idea but oh well ill get my nipple and she wont see it and of course with the nurse thing she says that the tongue is a dangerous place and i could get my navel but not that which im thinking about my navel too! i know what you must be thinking though "oh a little teenager and her mommy wont let her do it" hehe cuz i think the same thing when i read them! but dude its all good and if you want to talk or want to see my pic just email me at [email protected] or look at my personal!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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