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I wanna be like them there natives (Septum Piercing)

t, I'm here again, amazing, no? It's been 2 weeks since my last piercing (Had both nipples done, my story is posted on this site "Needles go THROUGH the nipples"), and I'm here getting another piercing already. I knew even before I got my nipples pierced, that I wanted my septum done, I loved the way it looked, awesome..I just never thought it'd be THIS soon. Anyways, couple a days ago, I talked to my parents 'bout it, (I'm 19..but I live at home, still going to college), and they didn't like it, they still remember me coming home with pierced nipples and they DEFINETLY didn't like that. So, it came down to them saying we don't like it, and me saying "Aww, c'mon". So, yesterday I went with my friend Abby, she decided she wanted her tongue pierced (First non-ear piercing..nice safe step), and I was thinking 'bout just getting my septum done. The studio I took her to is Ultimate Body Piercing And Tattoo, they are THE best in Alaska. Took her in, she went through the paper work, met the piercer (Hankster..love that schmuck), and then sat down and waited for the piercer to finish up the other people. The whole time I'm flippin out, I wanted it done, but I didn't want to piss off my parents. In the end, she got pierced, and I didn't. I was pissed, I wanted it done, I was hyped, it had been 2 weeks since my nipples were done, and I wanted a damn hole in my nose. When I got home, I talked to my parents again, and got a slightly better response (or so I thought), and decided I'd go the next day with Heather (yet, another friend..everytime I walk into Ultimate, I'm with another woman). Heather, I knew would get something pierced, even though she had no clue at the time. I went to class, and saw her, ans asked if she wanted to watch me get my septum done, she did, and she agreed to go. Then I told her she was getting a piercing, at first she fought it, but then she got this grin on her face, and started thinking of what she wanted. This woman is cool, I know her type, and she's awesome. She was battling between the clit and her nipple, she also agreed to let me take pics.
That afternoon she picked me up, I took her out to lunch (Gotta eat, before you pierce), and we went to Ultimate, she finally decided on getting a nipple done..she went through the paper work, and she got pierced, I took pics, I'll submit them when I get them developed. Hankster, my all time fav piercer, wouldn't pierce my septum. He felt he wasn't experienced enough to do a septum without someone watching him, and for all of you who think he's wussin out due to lack of experience, FUCK YOU. I'd rather have someone be straight up with me, and letting me know when they feel comfortable/uncomfortable with doing a piercing. Takes a bigger man. So they, referred me to this guy Jason at Body Piercing Unlimitted (On C street and Fireweed), they trusted him, told me he was the septum man. Heather had to get home, so I got Abby (the girl from the day before) to come pick me up, and we went out to BPU. Jason, my piercer, was taller than me. It was amazing, I'm 6'5, he had to be 'bout 6'9. Dreds and multiple piercings, lotsa tattoos..he looked cool. Very calm, cool, efficient..layed back. I went through paper work, payed, and he brought me to his office. He cleaned my nose, felt around, and grunted. He asked if I had broken my nose before, I told him only 2 or 3 times. My septum was..err..fuckered up. He needed to get a clearer picture of what he was working with, and needed to decide if it was worth trying to pierce. He had me lay down on the table with my head dangling off the edge, the way he came up to me, it looked like a bad porno and I was 'bout to deepthroat the guy. shudder He stuck some q-tip lookin things in my nose and was feeling around..he finally said he could do it. I was nervous, for some reason a piercing like this seemed like it'd be more painful, and I was a bit worried. He placed and told me to inhale through my nose, exhale through my mouth, and on the exhale, he'd pierce. And he did just that. I was, dissapointed. It was the least painful piercing I've ever experienced, even less painful than the ears, just a prick, an odd feeling, maybe even a slight pop. I loved it. No adrenaline rush, no nothing, then again, maybe a bit of a blood rush, my head was a penis level :P I sat up, he attached the balls (got a 12 gauge 5/8 diameter circular barbell, easy to hide for work), showed me how to hide/unhide it, I bought some cleaning fluid (same thing they use for ears..he said it worked good), and I was on my way. It's been a couple hours, and it's not sore, it stings little bit, but damn, it's a weird ass feeling. I love it. When it's moved back into my nostrils to hide it, it kinda feels like a booger is attached to the insides of my nose. Generalized comment: If you want it, get it. Even the wuss of the wuss can get this one done (at least as far as my experience goes..some people's piercing go through THICK cartilage, which can be PAINFUL). I love it, can't wait 'till I can stick some REAL cool stuff in it, but this will do for now. :) Looks awesome on my face, and..wow. Want it? Get it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jason
Studio: Body+Piercing+Unlimited
Location: Anchorage%2C+AK

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