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rted out my Tuesday afternoon normally. My friend, Kaitlyn, and I decided that we were going to walk across town to my house after school. This is something we commonly do. There were a only a few places I wanted to go on the way, one of which being the "Body Piercing Unlimited" studio. I had never been there and it's the only real piercing place in town. Our town is very small and there isn't much of a demand for piercers. We went and checked it out, but I wasn't actually planning on getting anything (I couldn't have anyways since you must be eighteen), so we continued on our way. The studio was nice enough I guess, but the chick working there didn't seem too nice. I'm not sure I would get something done there although I've heard good things about the guy that does piercings there. I heard the girl did a bad septum job on my friend's sister. When we arrived at a local mall we went in browsed a while and then I decided to go down to the nail place to look around. It's a wierd little place at the end of the hall that's run by these two or three happy little Japanese guys. I knew that they did nose piercings there for twenty dollars, but I didn't think they would actually give me a piercing since I'm a minor. The man that was working asked me if I wanted my nose pierced, and after talking with my friend about consequences and whether or not it would suit me I said, "Sure what the hell." The guy then pushed me into the chair (he didn't really push me but he did pull me over and tell me to sit in the chair) and was getting ready to do the piercing. I was still very reluctant, and I kept hoping my friend would stop me. I think she was only encouraging me because she lives vicariously through me. She thought it was neat how I would just randomly get my nose pierced knowing that my parents would be angry, I couldn't wear it at school, and that I would constantly have to take it out for sports (of which I play many). The next day she went around telling people about how I had gone and done it as if it had been her nose, and I wasn't even there that day. She was surprised it didn't hurt and claims that it would hurt her. She'll never know though I'm sure. About two years ago I pierced my belly button and just three days later she came to school with hers done. She's such a follower. The guy was just about to do it when my friend remembered that we have a new rule at school that prohibits piercings (other than earrings, which I have thirteen ). I didn't know how I would be able to wear it during the day. The man says "are you ready" as he has the needle floating around in my face. I quickly stopped him and reconsidered. I didn't think it would be a good idea to take it out the very next day. We decided I could cut off the flesh colored tape part of a band aid and cover it up without too many problems at school. Then I just said fine and prick. I had a nose ring. It didn't hurt but it did make me sort of jump like I had been startled. In fact my eye didn't even really tear up. I knew my parents would be furious. My mom was mainly disappointed because she had just told me not to get a piercing. My dad on the other hand wanted to punch my face in. He made me take it out. My dad also went over to where I had gotten it done and complained to the people about how they shouldn't be piercing minors without parental consent and it turns out they aren't supposed to be doing it. I imagine they thought that I was at least 18 because I look considerably older than my fifteen year old self. The day after I had had it done and then taken it out I discovered I was able to put the stud back in and so now I wear it whenever my dad is not around. My mom knows that I still have it and she's okay with it, she just doesn't want my dad to find out that I still have it because then it will cause a big fight and a hassel she doesn't need. He won't catch on and meanwhile I have a great new piercing. I've only had it for four days now but it doesn't hurt, and it isn't red. I wish I could wear it all the time because it really isn't good to be taking it in and out all the time, but taking it out when my dad is around is way better than not having it at all.


submitted by: eve*Valerie*eve
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: A+Pushy+Little+Man
Studio: Le+Nails
Location: Fairbanks%2C+Alaska

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