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It looks like a silver booger

Nostril Screw I hadn't gotten a piercing in a while, almost two months ago, so I decided that the next time I went to the beach w/friends, I'd get something done. I had a couple pierces in mind, and was debating which one would be the easiest for me to take care of right now. The three pierces that I was considering was my navel (again), a rook or a nose piercing. Since I didn't feel like sleeping on one side of my head for a while, and also didn't feel like having a sore navel for six months, I decided to go for the nose. A couple of weeks passed, and it was already August. Me and ten of my friends planned a huge trip to Ocean City for a couple days, which was perfect for me. We got down to O.C. on a Thursday, and partied for three days straight. On Monday I woke up and said, "Hey, let's go, it's time to get another hole". Six of us jump on the bus and take it down to, I think, 12th street, or somewhere close to that, where Shock Value was located. I had gotten my daith piercing there two months ago, and was really happy with the piercer there, Colby. So I walked in, expecting to see his cute little head poking out of one of the rooms, except he was nowhere to be seen. I assumed he wasn't working today, and asked when he was working so I could have him do the pierce for me. Unfortunately, the counter guy told me that Colby had skipped town a couple of weeks ago and they hadn't heard from him since. He introduced me to the new piercer, who had been piercing for a while, and looked pretty trustworthy. I asked him some normal questions, just to kinda get to know him, and he was awesome.....he answered all my questions for me and was totally patient with me while I freaked out about the Colby thing. So I decided to go ahead and let this guy, I forgot his name already, pierce my nose. This is my first real facial piercing, as all of my other piercings (tongue, daith, industrial, tragus, and navel) have been hideable and not really in front of people's faces. This kinda freaked me out, so I took a while to pick out my jewelry and get the markings right. I changed the markings a billion times, until it was totally perfect, and picked a cute, small, probably 18 gauge nostril screw out. So me and the piercer and one friend went into the room together. He had me sit down on a chair, and wiped my nose out with something, probably Betadine or something. I don't think I've ever had someone else stick a q-tip in my nose, so that was weird, but that's ok. He then felt around in my nose for a couple of seconds, double-checked with me on the placement again and stuck a receiving tube in my nose. He then picked up his needle, after changing his gloves for the tenth time, and poised it over my nostril. He had me do some breathing techniques, probably to get me calmed down and so he could get my rhythm as well. Then, on the count of three, he pierced my nose. It wasn't bad, a little pinch that made my eyes tear, but that's about it. He screwed in my cute nostril screw, cleaned me up and handed me an aftercare sheet as I was walking out the door (after a good tip of course!). All in all, this was a pretty good pierce; I love it so far. It adds a little something to my face, and isn't that noticeable. Even my mother, who would have me wearing pearls in my ears and around my neck, liked it a lot. I'd recommend Shock Value to everybody, they are off of the Boardwalk in Ocean City, right next to (kinda in the same building) Skylab, a club that's popular down there. On the pain scale, I'd put this pierce way below my daith, industrial and tragus, and only slightly more painful than my tongue. It's really easy to take care of as well. The only thing I would warn you of is to watch out when you are getting dressed. The first time I ripped the screw halfway out while I was pulling a t-shirt over my head made me scream, it hurt worse than the pierce. 2 weeks later Everything is going great so far. The only problem I have had so far is ripping the screw out by catching it on clothes. I just don't pay attention, so it's my fault. Suprisingly enough, my boss even liked it, she said it matched the silver ball in the cbr in my daith.
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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: I+don%27t+remember
Studio: Shock+Value
Location: Ocean+City%2C+Maryland

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