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K i'm thirteen years old and pierced my own septum 5 days ago. I thought it was going to kill but it was relativly painless. You see I am a huge Coal Chamber Fan and I have a Dez face so I wanted my septum done. My father despises the whole idea of my getting any body piercings till I'm eighteen. So the first factor was how to conceal the piercing. I turned to the internet. I found this site and studied up on aftercare and piercing spots. I saw septum retainers and a little lightbulb went off in my head. So I made a little retainer out of a paper clip. The next step was piercing, I took a needle and went into the bathroom to take a shower with my little needle. I steped into a shower and it took me about five minutes before I ahd the guts to hold the needle up to my nose. Then I started to dig the needle into my flesh, It stung a little but I've had much worse pain. My fingers were wedged up into my left nostril to cup the piercing when It came throgh. Well I started to feel a bit of metal pertruding into the other nostril. Thats when I started to get giddy(even though I wasn't even half way through with the piercing). When I finally realized that I wasn't pierced yet, I went wild. I just took the needle and blew the fucker through my nose. It didn't hurt bad at all, I'm sure if u had it done at a parlor it would barely hurt at all(just make your eyes water). Well when I took the goddamn needle out the hole partially closed and i had to repoke with the retainer. I love my septum!!!!!!!!!!!!!After that I skiped school on friday cuz I was tired and a bit sore. Monday morning I woke up for school and my retainer was gone, things start flashing through my head 'where could it be what happened????' well I totally flipped out and took the 10 gage out of my ear ang just shoved it through. That was more painful than the piercing. I did notice something about the streching though, if you have ever had tried to strech your ears It's kind of a bitch to do without a professional tool. With the septum to strech from a 16g to a 10g is a mere little push. It was so wierd I was kind of happy now that I had a big ass earing in my nose but I was sore like none other. Now I wear my 10g ring at school and when I'm sleeping but when my dads around I conceal it with a paper clip I hate that shit. Get your septum pierced You will love it!!! There were some questions I had before the piercing such as: 1.Is there a major blood vessel or something in my septum that I have to watch out for? A: Well guess what? I did not find anything except to watch out for the cartilage. I actually read three stories off this website before doing the deed. Yhe first one was about some chick who got hers done and claimed it didn't even hurt at all, the second about a man who didn't even know the needle was through his nose, and a third about a girl who said it was the worst feeling of her life because the idiot piercer hit her cartilage. Thats qwhen I concluded it would not be enjoyable to hit the cartilage. 2.Is the piercing supposed to be in the front or back of the nose? A: Well now, I turned once again to the internet using my reliable search engine web ferret. I typed in the key word "septum piercings" and magicly stumbled upon this web site. I looked at all the septum piercing pictures on this site and concluded that the relative area of piercing is towards the front of the nose. Well that answers that one. In conclusion about the piercing of the septum YOU WILL LOVE IT ONCE ITS DONE! Remember I said that because in twenty million years when everyone has a big ass bone through thier septum I would like to be a god. Screw your parents, thats another tip every teenager needs to learn. If the bitch says no DO IT ANYWAY! ITS YOUR BODY NOT HERS! Just do what I did and make a little retainer. Well I am sort of turning this thing into a motivational speech. In the near future I hope to get a few more piercings such as labret, nipples, and two on each eyebrow. But even though I am not saying this through direct experience I know......the septum is the coolest and most enjoyable piercing of them all !!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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