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Nasallang Experience

rst off, I was a rather experienced piercee when I decided to get this done. I allready had twenty-something piercings and I lean towards quality, unusual piercings rather than just quantity. I have also done several piercings myself on others. I say this only to give some credibility to my experience and how it compares to other piercings. Well, I originally saw the nasallang pierce in an "In The Flesh Magazine", I read all about Cliff Cadavers newest creation and was instantly intrigued by it. Last year, I finally went out to get it. I new this would be a difficult pierce to perform but I could not find one person around here who had actualy done one. However, Scott at Body Rites (South Carlolina's finest)was up for the challenge. I showed up at his shop about 10 minutes before closing. Just as the college radio was doing a live broadcast piercing from there. Needless to say they ran late. I knew Scott from a party or two but had not yet been pierced by him. But, he knew I was genuinely interested in the art and spoke to me accordingly. He was honest with me in that he had never done one before. He also said I may be better off getting two nasal piercings and letting them heal before doing the center cartilage. However, I was determined to leave there that night with a nasallang, pierced just as ol Cliff had done. He was very generous in the fact that he only charged me for the jewelery, because it, for him, was a learning experience. First off, let me mention the cleanliness and high level of profesionalism in the shop. It was as sterile as a hospital, yet less intimidating. Tasteful tribal decor goes well with there "Welcome to the Tribe" slogan, and a great collection of body modification reading material made waiting half the fun. OK, so I was entertained as Scott claved my barbell. They let me pick a cd, Tool, Opiate seemed appropriate for the occasion, and it was off to the piercing room. The staff (with my permision) watched the procedure in awe (I bet half of them have one by now), everyone in the room wore a surgical mask to keep it a super sterile environment.

They had me lay down on the piercing table on my back, head slightly off the edge. Odd enough position, but hey, who the hell am I to question him. He explained the procedure to me and began. He had already measured my nose for the correct size barbell. Now, he marked the placement carefully, everyone approved. He took the 14g needle and a receiver tube and pierced my right nostril (through scar tissue of a past nose ring), it didn't hurt a bit. Then, he lined the needle up for the middle part. I think I was so over anticipating this one that I hardly felt it. The left nostril actually hurt the most. I suppose I let my guard down at that point. He followed the needle with the jewelry so smoothly, that I felt nothing at all. The healing was a major pain in the ass. Anyone that's ever had an industrial can relate with how difficult it can be to heal two connected piercings. Try three. Of course my dumb ass got it done in the winter, yeah booger season. Talk about some nasty stuff. One cheap trick I will suggest to anyone, with any kind of nose pierce, saline spray. It's like nasal spray, but it's just salt water. The spray makes it much easier to get it up there. It was the most difficult piercing I have ever had to deal with. Personally, it was worth it to me. However, I don't recommend this for novice piercees (and especially not novice piercers), but if your game, go for it. I am more than happy to discuss it in more detail if anyone's interested just e-mail me. [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Body+Rites
Location: South+Carolina

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