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I Was Expected To Cry Like A Baby...My Septum

first thought about getting my septum pierced when I asked some friends of mine what my next piercing project should be. They suggested septum...my first thought was "Umm...no." But over the course of the week, I slowly began to change my mind. A couple of months later, I told them I had decided to go for it, they thought it was a great idea. So, after 2 months of thinking about it, I decided I was going to pierce my septum! I made my appointment from my school on Friday (Oct. 1st) for Saturday at 4:00pm. I was returning to Next! Body Piercing and Tattoos (www.nextbody.com), which was where I got my tongue pierced in July. Saturday was a good day because my friend Myra was working, and she could help me fill out the forms and pick my retainer and also be there for moral support. I got there at about 2:00 with my boyfriend, and we waited for my friend Caitlin to show up so she could watch too. While we waited for Caitlin, my friend Ben showed up, so I said he could watch...then my other friends Kat and Marcy came by (Kat was getting her ears stretched), so I said they could watch too. The pressure was on. I had a 6 person audience! I was extremely nervous and I thought I was going to cry like a baby...that or scream bloody murder. Well, before it was my turn to go into the piercing room, Kat picked her new earrings (12 guage) and sat down to get them stretched. I sat on the floor next to her chair and held her hand while she got her ears done, which took some of the tension off cause I forgot about my septum. By the time Kat's ears were done, 3 other people I knew had shown up at Next! to watch me. I had to tell them there was no room, but they said they would wait outside to see me afterwards. I thought that was a good idea. :) Finally they called me in. Jeremy was the name of my piercer (not the same guy that pierced my tongue, unfortunatly) and we all went into the room (me, Myra, Caitlin, Aaron, Ben, Marcy and Kat). Jeremy quickly explained how to clean my nose and what he was going to do, then he got started. First he stuck his fingers up my nose and started feeling around for "my spot". He started saying something like "Wow, there's not much room in here, we'll have to squeeze it in there...this might hurt a bit more than expected." but I wasn't really paying attention...great. Next he stuck some disinfectant stuff around the inside of both nostrils using a q-tip type of thing. It smelled really funny and stung a bit, but it didn't hurt. He then marked one side of my nose (only one side...) and got the needle ready. Myra was holding my left hand (cracking jokes the whole time to cheer me up), Aaron was holding my right hand and Kat was holding onto my right arm. (everyone else was sitting on the bench behind me). Jeremy told me not to move, then just stuck the needle through my nose! Ah! It hurt like a BITCH! I felt a sharp pain going all the way through my septum and pop out the other side. Some people told me I would hear a crunch, but luckily I didn't hear one (that probably would have caused me to piss myself). My eyes watered for about a half second, then stopped (which is good...I didn't start crying!). Jeremy then turned around to get the retainer. In that time, I grabbed the mirror and looked at my nose, only to find that a big, scary looking needle was stuck in it! I was so proud. He then turned back towards me and told me "This might feel awkward for a second" and he pulled out the needle and followed it through with the retainer. Wow. I was done! He spent a few minutes checking the retainer (turns out it was totally CROOKED), but he didn't say anything about it. He tried to flip the retainer up into my nose for me, but it wouldn't fit. He told me that I might be able to get it up there if I really forced it, but then I thought "If I jam it up there, how the hell am I gonna get it back down? It'll be trapped!" But it didn't matter. I looked in the mirror again, it didn't look really straight, but I didn't ask about it. He handed me my book on aftercare and told me to have a nice day. With that, I was off! It was amazing. It hurt a lot still walking down the street to the bus stop, but I was really happy I got it done. Later that night I spent a great deal of time looking in the mirror...it WAS crooked. The side that he marked (not the side the needle went in, but the side it came out) was waaaaay up higher in my nose than the other side. It's not noticible when the retainer is up (or when it's down...too badly), but when you look up my nose, you can see the metal on one side, and you can't on the other. That kind of pissed me off, but as long as it looks ok from the outside, I don't mind. Well, when the time for me to go home rolled around...I got scared. I hadn't told my parents I was getting it done, and I couldn't get the retainer up in my nose to hide it from them (the reason I got the retainer in the first place, might I add, otherwise I would have just gotten a ring). So, before I caught the bus to go home, I sat and tried over and over to flip it up. I finally did it! It required some pushing, and some pain...but I got it. That made me very happy. Well, despite the fact that it was very painful (and STILL is...) I'm very happy about it. It's a very cool piercing! I can't wait to start collecting jewelry for it...I want a little silver ring with a purple bead in the center. This is a very cool piercing! If you want to get it done, remember that it only hurts for a second, and it looks cool forever! E-mail me if you've got any questions or anything like that. [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Next%21+Body+Piercing+and+Tattoos
Location: Vancouver%2C+BC%2C+Canada

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