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Nose Piercing at 30

Nose Piercing at 30

At A Glance Author anonymous

Here I am, aged 30 with my nose finally done!

It will be a week tomorrow, and I am thrilled with the way it looks, and the looks I get.

I picked the studio firstly from the way "Big Jim" spoke to me on the telephone that morning. He had an air about him, one that inspired confidence, and a sense of humour.

We set off on the 45 minute drive, myself and two friends, Ava and Tina. Ava and myself were going to get our nostril done, and she was also opting for a belly button ring. Tina just the naval ring.

It took us 3 hours to reach the studio, and with 4 small kids in the car, our nerves were frayed. We took a million wrong turns, it was boiling hot outside, and the little ones just felt the need to bash each other!!!! We were ready to pull our hair out.

We arrived at the studio, 15 mins before it was due to close, but being the nice people they are, and seeing how frazzled we were, Claire said they would see to us today. we were all thrilled. The studio was immaculate, and Claire and "Big Jim" were super nice, infact it was as if i was amongst family.

Ava went first, my eyes grew wild with fear when i saw Big Jim rip open the sterile packet and take out the needle,I had expected a gun, since 10 years ago i had my nose done with one... it had lasted all of 4 days before it got so infected i took it out. My blood pressure shot up a zillion degrees as i watched him clean and clamp her nose. I witnessed it all, and squeezed her hand to the point of breaking her bones, and it was HER nose!!! The faces she made were hilarious, and the small pop i heard turned my stomach to the point i was ready to leave. Funny really, i have been through two natural deliveries that didn't bother me, but since i had my kids, i have turned in to a real wimp!!!

Soon it was my turn...and i yeah!! I whimped out and paid the extra $10 and had my nose frozen!!!...The spray squirted into my mouth and i began to spit furiously, as my lip and tongue grew numb... i squeezed my eyes tight shut, and all i felt was the pressure...My hypertension (high blood pressure) must have kicked in because it bled a whole lot, but boy was the 10 bucks worth it!! I felt nothing at ALL. I sat their cleaning my mouth complaining about the repulsive taste..and with that Jim piped in with.. " well it doesn't come in flavours dear".. and I had to laugh!!!! Looking in the mirror i beamed, a perfect job.. i was well pleased.

We stopped on the way home to get sundaes for the kids, who had sat in the car while the three of us took turns getting our stuff done. I had to laugh at the reactions we got from our noses...you see we live in a very backwards area, where we are now considered "weirdo's"

so here I am...i have come to realize my stud is not long enough, so i have to keep pushing on the ball to keep the inner hole open, which is making my nose a little sore and tender.I am going to go purchase either a longer stud or a hoop this weekend, because im sure im hampering the healing process with constantly having to push it in..and HOW annoying is it to laugh and watch the darn thing pop out all the time...guess i will have to practice my "sullen, seductive, moody look! "...*winks

I use gauze at night with small strips of surgical tape to keep the stud from falling out. The gauze is great as it lets the piercing breath and stops it getting wet and soggy from sweat. The first night i slept with it i didn't use anything, and it did fall out, luckily i woke up soon after and got it back in no problem!

As for cleaning, i have used, saline water,( regular table salt and warm water) and a dab of hydrogen peroxide now and them..and having just read everyone's comments I have started in with Bactine spray.....it seems to be going OK so far.

As for Ava's nose, it took another poking the next afternoon, since for some reason the inside hole closed over...we went back for her to get a ring put in..and 20 mins later, as it seems they had a hard time getting the hole re opened...(poking, prodding with the stud, needles etc.) she came out with a gorgeous hoop, with an emerald green ball closing. She did look extremely pale though and had to sit down for a while. I chickened out changing the stud for a hoop that afternoon, and decided to wait a week.

I have recommend Hermon studio to all who have stopped me in the street, their friendly attitude and cleanliness is a real winner.

In closing i have to tell you about the great experience I had today...my daughter went to meet her first grade teacher this morning... I was nervous, since i thought some people may judge the type of parent i am on my nose stud... you know the kind of people who think that if you dont look the way they think you should, well you HAVE to be a bad person!!!...funny thing though...her teacher had a nose stud too!!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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