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Violating My Septum at ACME in Cincinnati, OH

l started about 8 months ago when i got my ears pierced , since then i have been hooked on body piercing. About a month ago i decided it was time to get another piercing but my dad is uncool with the whole piercing thing so i needed something i could hide; this left 3 options: 1)a genital piercing, 2)my tounge 3)or my septum. Well the first was way out of the question, the second is still a possibility, but the third was, what i thought, the best option. I have always been attracted to septum piercings, they are so obnoxious and in your face. At any rate i went tonight 9-27-99 to ACME on vine street in Cincinnati and did it. The first thing he did was feel around in my nose for my sweet spot, this is the tissue between the cartlidge in your nose. After this he changed gloves and put some really smelly shit in my nose, it smelled maybe like it had ammonia in it. After letting it sit for about a minute he did something i've never heard of , he had these forceps that had tubes on each side that were just a little bigger than the needle. Next he told me to start breathing in and out and then WHAM. It fealt like he put a marks-a-lot marker through my nose but it really didn't hurt. He then asked if i was ok i proceded to say of course and he slid in the jewlery in. Let me tell you this was by far the wierdest part of the whole ordeal, i can't even describe how it felt to have a needle sliding through your nose, quite odd to say the least and i was done, no problem. I must confess i did bleed a little bit but it has stopped now. I thought that it would hurt really badly but its not that bad at all. If you have ever pulled a nose hair out , believe it or not, it doesn't hurt that bad. I got a 14 gauge black niobium retainer and it looks absolutely KILLER. I loved it from the start. If you are thinking about it I say do it, you'll love it. Also if you have parents with their heads stuck up their ass this is great because you can hide it so easily. In conclusion; If you are ever around Cincinnati I highly recommend stopping into ACME, these are great people who run a decent priced shop that is totally clean and professional. I was really impressed. As it stands now I have Green 6ga plugs in both ears, and a black niobium retainer in my septum that i plan on changing in about three weeks to circular barbell and eventually i want to stretch it to a 10 or so. Have fun and be careful. A little info about this piercing: 1) It's usually done with a 14 gauge. 2) It doesn't hurt if you have a good piercer 3) It does not swell much , at least it shouldn't 4) Bleeding is minimal, maybe a lot , maybe a little , maybe none 5) Yet again it doesn't hurt 6) It is normal for your eyes to water a bunch, don't let your friends call you a pussy if they do water. Cleaning Instructions: 1) Use Sea salt 2) Stay away from peroxide and alchahol because they make the tissue swell and that is bad 3) I use a plastic cup that i cut off to about 3 inches tall and fill it with hot water and a pinch of salt and then just dunk my nose it it and hold it in there for a minute or two, i then use some q-tips to clean around the jewlery. It burns a little but not bad. Thats about all i have to say so i'll give you some tips on earlobe stretching to eat up space. I always use knitting needles. First i get a wash cloth and get the water as hot as i can and then put the soaking cloth on my ear and hold it for five mins or so. this loosens the tissue a little and makes stretching a tad easier. I then use neosporin on a knitting needle and push it through. It feels a little like having a lighter held under your ears. If it starts to rip stop this is about the worst thing you can do, ripping causes unhealthy ears and can leave really nasty scars if your not careful. A knitting needle works well because it has a taper on it and it slides in pretty easily. I have had my ears stretched to 4ga but i put 6ga back in because it is a nice size. Thanx for letting me waste some time of yours, if you have any questions on Septums or Ear stretching please e-mail me i would love to help you out


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Cannon
Studio: ACME
Location: Cincinnati%2C+OH

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