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I did it myself

thought I would share my nose piercing experience with all of you. Who knows, maybe it will inspire someone to go and get it done. I don't think it is something that needs to be feared. I find that it is something I have enjoyed ever since it was done. I would definitely recommend getting your nose pierced if you are at all interested in it. I find that it is the least obtrusive piercing, besides the ear. It is also, in my opinion, one of the easiest piercings to remove if you feel it is not for you, once you have already done the procedure. The hole usually closes up with little or no scarring. I have enjoyed having my nose pierced for about 5 years now. When I first decided to do it, I didn't have the money to go to a professional. I desperately wanted to have it done, though. I loved the way it looked and at the time, I happened to think it went very well with how I dressed. I was doing the goth scene even before it became popular. So I decided I was going to do the procedure myself. I got together with a friend of mine and we decided that we would both pierce our noses at the same time. I happened to have a pair piercing earrings from somewhere. I gave my friend one and I kept the other. They were just little silver studs but they worked rather well. I also got a needle out of my sewing kit to start the hole. I cleaned the earring and needle with alcohol and marked my nose where I wanted the ring placed. I took the sewing needle and started the hole. When I got it about halfway through, I took it out and replaced it with the piercing stud. I stood there for about 5 minutes working the stud through the hole I had made. My eyes were tearing up like mad. I stopped and cleared my eyes so I could see what I was doing. I was almost through, so with one final hard push I felt it pop all the way through. I was really suprised. I didn't feel that much pain. I assume that my body was in some kind of shock from the trauma I had just put it through, but at least my nose was pierced. I was also suprised that there was very little blood. I cleaned up the area with alcohol and some antibacterial ointment. It hurt alot the next day and for a couple of weeks after that. I believe it became infected, too. I kept cleaning it and rotating the earring. I would use the antibacterial ointment to help clear up the infection and I would clean it with q-tips and alcohol. I even think I used some peroxide on it (didn't know not to). I had to get used to it being there, too It was always in my line of sight...but other than that, it healed pretty well within a month. Friends of mine all told me how good it looked after I had done it. I even inspired them to have piercings done. I was right when I said it went well with my looks. I was even told that I looked exotic and that it suited my face. That could be because I am mediterranean..or not :). I traded out the piercing earring with a hoop and wore it like that for several years. I would switch between gold and silver. Silver always seemed to look much better on me, so that is what I stuck with. As I have gotten older, I have traded in my hoop for a bone. So now I have a tiny silver bone through my nose and it looks as good as it did the first day I did it :). I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself, however. There are definitely cleanliness procedures that I should have used but didn't know about. It wasn't the brightest thing I have ever done...(the do-it-yourself part) but I am happy with the results. I don't even notice it anymore. It seems to have become a part of me. I can't even imagine being without my nose ring anymore. I guess one of the reasons that I decided to do it, though, was the fact that I could remove it and no one would ever know I had gotten my nose pierced. I guess I had interviews and jobs in mind. The bone I chose is so small that I don't care what kind of interviews or jobs I get in the future...I won't have to worry about taking it out. Now I am looking forward to getting my tongue done....only this time I am going to a professional for that ;).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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