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The beauty of my Septum

the splender of my septum piercing. How beautiful it is to have a piercing that only you and your close friends know about. I have wanted this piercing for quite a while, but after I read about how symbolic one can really be.....that's when I was convinced. Symbolic, eh? Ok, first off I would to say that my parents are really really REALLY strict, and if they saw this in my nose, they would pull it out then kick me out. No joke. So why take the chance? That is where the symbolize comes into play. This piercing not only shows that I have physical strength to undergo such a painful process, but also the emotional strength to do it knowing my parents and the consqences. Want another symbolic reason? We all know that they call this "the bull piercing" and we all that bulls symbolize power and strength, blah blah blah. Ok, plus, it's so liberating to know that people look at me on the outside and would never imagine me to have "done" this to my body. Ok, that's all on that subject. And know for the good stuff....it was Labor day weekend and me an my friend were discussing piercings. She wanted to get her lip done, and I said that I would go with her and I would get my septum done. so that weekend, I was reading BME articles and looking up phone numbers of studios in my area. While reading the articles, I realized that I really did want this piercing and I would get it no matter what the consequences were. So I called a few places and decided to get it done at Chicago Tattooing because they were the cheapest, and oddly enough, the most referenced place. That Wednesday became my P-Day. I was so nervous. I had one more class to go before leaving and another friend said that she would go with me (By the way, the friend that wanted the Lip piercing, hasn't gotten it done yet). So we hopped on the train and rode to the Northside. Alright, this day was horrible for me, I was so nervous/anxious/excited I could barely control myself. And all my attempts to hide the fact that I was getting it done that day was ruined by a friend, so I knew that I couldn't back down. Anyway, we get to the place, and I told the lady what I wanted. She went to the back to get some papers and came back to tell me that the septum piercer wasn't there...First attempt-Incomplete! No fret, no panic...two doors down was The Alley, they do piercings....Wrong!! They DID piercings, but their piercer moved to Portland....Second attempt-Incomplete. So I went home with no piercing but a lot of anger. My sister, the wonderful person that she is said that she would take me to get a piercing the next day (Thursday), if I could wait. I did. So I get home from school. We ate dinner (as a family...awww!) and we were off to disobey my parents. Ok, now after the first two attempts were no gos, I started to think, "maybe it's not meant to be. It's all a sign..." OK, you would think that would have stopped me or even the three times we got lost looking for Rhinos...Nothing stopped me...I wanted it done, and hell, I wasn't going to stop til I got one!! Ok, so we got to Rhinos, finally. Then we waited for 15 minutes for someone to talk to me. And Ron (my piercer) was a real jerk at first. He was very short with me and didn't wanna give me the time of day. But as soon as I told him I was serious, he was cool. I think it was his attempt to weed out the people who were going to whimp out or something....Anyway, i blow my nose for him, I watched him take out the needle and sterilize the jewelry and I was ready for him to do it. Only he wasn't ready...He needed to find the right music...Jane's Addiction was put on and he was ready to roll.
I closed my eyes, expecting the worst imaginable pain, and I didn't feel a thing. But then it hit that nerve I saw often heard about....Now that's pain. But it was bareable. My eyes watered a bit, but that was all. He wipped away my tear and I looked down and saw the needle in my nose....It was sooooo invigorating!!! Then he slipped the jewelry through...ALL DONE!!! He knew that I needed to keep it hidden so he flipped it up for me. I looked in the mirror...NOTHING!!! I didn't see anything! It was awesome! Then he told me to flip it down....ahhh, what a wonder!! It was absolutly beautiful! He gave me an aftercare kit and sent me on my way. Is that the end...NO. I was later reading online not to use Betaodine or Alchol...but were in the aftercare kit he gave me. So I called another place and they told me to use Bactine...So everything is good. I went into Rhinos the other day, and this other guy...who I think I may trust with my Tongue Web piercing...told me that my septum piercing was healing beautifully....COOLIO!!! So yeah...all in all...my piercing is doing good. The aftercare isn't so bad either (now that I using the right stuff). But I really recommand this piercing. It is REALLY easy to hide and it is so powerful. I haven't gained any physical strength, but I have gained a hell of a lot of emotional strength...silly? Yeah, I guess....True? Hell ya!! maria ps...if anyone has any comments on tongue web piercing...email me


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Ron
Studio: Quad+City+Rhinos
Location: Elk+Grove%2C+IL

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