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my bloody nose

lways been the kind of person to impulsivly do things that i want to do. Several times i grew my hair long and then suddenly one day decided to shave it all off. Well now my little habit of changing my appearance has moved from hair to piercings. I started getting piercings about a year ago. I got 3 ear piercings then, then about a month ago came my tongue. Then shortly after that i pierced my ears a few more times myself. Then about two weeks ago i dicovered BME and that made me think about piercings in a tottally new way. As i sat there looking at all these different piercings I started to notice the subtle creativity and originality that went in to each one. And looking at different jewelry i started seeing all the wonderful little intracacies that i never noticed about piercings before. I seem to have even developed a fetish for piercings as when i see girls with piercings i am instantly very attracted to them and fascinated by the piercings. Well i decided that i wanted some kind of facial piercing. I wanted one that i could hide or at least make not too noticable for work yet one that i liked and would look good on me. At first i thought maybe the eyebrow but it seems like most people getting that piercing are preppy girls around here. Then after some thought i decided on the nostril, looking at my face i thought it would look good on me. That night i soaked a sewing needle in rubbing alchohol for about 30 minutes along with the small stud i was going to use. When they were ready i rubbed betadine on the surface of my nose grabbed the needle. I had already decided on where the placement would go so i didnt need to mark it. Now the time come to pierce it. I started pushing the needle through, it really wasnt painful at all, it just felt like a dull pressure with a very, very slight sting at the end. As i pushed deeper slowly i tilted my head back and looked into my nostril and saw that the tip of the needle was right there at the other side, just one more little push and its through. So i pushed it through and at that point it did sting a little bit and my eyes watered a lot which i expected. Now came the fun part putting the stud in. I pulled the needle out of my nose and suddenly blood started running down my nostril and lip really fast. So i put the stud in which hurt more than piercing itself and was more difficult because i had to manuever it around a lot the get it through, especially the tough tissue on the inside of my nose. The stud i used was just a solid metal piece with two balls on each side which meant that i was pushing a very dull thing through my fresh piercing and that didnt feel too good. Now its all done, my nose is pierced. About 3 days afterward i changed the stud to an 18 gauge ring which is easier to clean and doesnt always halfway fall out like the stud. At worked none of the managers even mentioned it so its all cool. No infection at all either i just wash it with antibacterial soap 3 times a day and its cool. Now that ive learned more about piercings and felt that wonderful feeling of having metal in my body i want more. I might get a high labret piercing that i can use as a lip ring too but i dont know if i should get any more facial piercings since im gonna need to go hunt for a new job in the next few months. Next i want one of my nipples pierced and maybe a prince albert, but im gonna think about that one before i get it. Ill get back to you on those though. My girlfriend kinda likes the piercing, the first thing she said when she saw it was " Oh my god take that out" but now she seems to have gotton used to it. She even wants to get a couple piercings herself. So far all the piercings that i have, ears, tongue and nostril were relativly painless piercings. Im anxious to take it one step further and get some more intense piercings. It seems that people with certain piercings that are considered particularly painful like nipples, septum or genital get a certain degree of respect for the pain they went through for them. Which i would also agree is well deserved. Mail me about any question you might have. See ya later.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: my+room
Location: Bay+Area%2C+California

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