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Nostril piercings DO hurt!

here I am again! This is my fifth piercing experience (6th if you count the fact that my first navel piercing rejected & I had to get it redone!), which is my right nostril...I already have (in the order that they were done) my tongue, navel, both nipples, & now my poor right nostril! I really shouldn't say it that way because it doesn't hurt at all now (I just got it done 2 nights ago) but the actual piercing was a whole different thing...keep reading... I've wanted my nose pierced since I was like 14 (I am 28 now) & had tried to pierce it myself at that time but I just couldn't get the needle to push through. So now that I have all these other piercings, I started to get The Fever for a new tatt or piercing & I decided now was finally the time to do it & do it right. So 2 nights ago I creeped over to TNT where I now get my mods done exclusively. I had my navel pierced & a tatt done there previously, & although I've gotten stuff done at 2 other places & never had a negative experience, the people that run TNT take the extra time to explain things & just shoot the shit with you, plus their prices are way more reasonable & their sterilization procedures are above & beyond what's necessary. I went in & told Matt (the piercer) that I was thinking about getting my nostril done but I was real nervous about the pain & was not sure & could he tell me how bad it was going to be? He said it is more than a tickle but it's not usually that bad, & the experiences I read on BME had said it's not that bad either, & none of my other piercings were very painful so I thought how bad can it be, right? So I made up my mind after consulting with Matt about aftercare & whatnot. We discussed what jewellry I wanted at length, because I didn't want a hoop, I just wanted something small & inconspicuous in silver like the rest of my jewellry, & I decided on a nose screw even though it looked like it would be a bitch to get in & out. A guy who was talking with Matt when I came in asked if I cared if he watched when I got it done & I said I didn't, because I figured the more people that were around, the less of a wimp I would be, & the 3 of us strolled on into the back where the piercing facilities are. Matt put on the gloves & got out a new needle, & it was kind of embarrassing but I asked him if I ought to blow my nose first, I mean you know, it's bad enough having to sit there with a cork up your snout but I didn't want the cork to have any nasty things on it when it came back out!!! So he told me if I thought that would happen I could go blow my nose, which I did, just in case. Whenever I came back from blowing my nose, I sat down & he had some trouble getting the cork up my nose because my nostrils are pretty tiny, so I stuck it up there myself & then he marked my nose but then he thought it would look better in a slightly different spot so he marked it there & put the needle there & asked if I was ready, which I wasn't yet & I said no, so he waited while I took a couple deep breaths. Then he asked if I was ready AGAIN & still I said no, but then I was like, okay, okay, so he started piercing. And then I was like oh god ouch ouch ouch!!! I can't believe the people who have sent in submissions here on BME that said it didn't hurt! I mean, this was by far the most painful thing I've ever had (except for childbirth). My eyes started not just watering but RUNNING LIKE WATERFALLS! The guy who was watching goes, "Man that looks like it hurts" and then I realized I was whimpering like a puppy, too! How humiliating! Well, in what seemed like an eternity but surely was only seconds, he said it was done except for putting the jewellry in, which he started doing & that was about as bad as the piercing, because he had to screw it around & stick it the rest of the way in. But I figured it would be worth it not to lose my stud in my sleep like some of the other BME submitters have unfortunately done. Pretty soon he got done & said it looked good & told me I could get up & look in the mirror, which I did, & it DID look really cool, but I was SO appalled to see I had 2 mascara tracks down my cheeks! I got them cleaned off & talked with Matt some more & he asked if he could take a picture for his portfolio, because he is actually just finishing up his apprenticeship, so I said sure, & then he gave me the aftercare sheet just in case I forgot what he told me. Oh & by the way I had also been planning on getting another tatt that night but I went & told Terry (the owner & main guy who does the tatts) that I think have had enough pain for one night! I came home & looked at the aftercare pages on BME, as I normally follow the aftercare information provided by Cheyenne Morrison at One Tribe on here & have never had a problem yet, & I read that you should never put silver in an unhealed nose piercing as it can oxidize & leave a permanent black mark on your nose! ACK! But I thought well I will call TNT in the morning & find out what material exactly this jewellry is made of. Then I went to a party at 2 of my friends house, & one of my friends noticed that it was turning black in front of the piercing! So I went & looked in the mirror & found it to be true! Needless to say I didn't sleep much that night, & in the morning I called TNT & asked Terry about it & he said he doesn't put silver OR gold in a nose, that it is stainless steel & that most likely it is either a bruise or else it's from where Matt had marked it the first time, which I had forgotten about. Sure enough after I cleaned it, the black mark came off. I've read since then that a nostril piercing can be fatal if it gets infected so I am taking EXTRA good care of it! So if anybody has any tips that aren't already on the One Tribe aftercare page, please email them to me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: TNT+Tattoos
Location: Van+Wert%2C+Ohio

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