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My nose.

it was the 8 month mark for me and my boyfriend and we wanted to do something together, he had wanted to get his tongue pierced for a while and I had just asked permission to get my nose pierced and mom said okay and handed me $50. So we got in my car and drove to Groton to get something pierced. He went first, I was so convinced it was going to hurt, i mean this is one of the strongest muscles in the body he is just about to put a hole in not to mention his mom would flip but he didn't care. He didn't even flinch. All he said was, "Wow, it's done?" I was up next, Dude had asked if I had my ID with me and I told him if he wanted to know if I was 18, I wasn't. He stopped and looked at me and asked, "I'm not going to get into trouble for doing this am I?" and I said, " My mother is paying for it so I don't think you will." and he laughed. I had to brace myself whe he got out the needle because I don't like pain and I don't like the idea of needles close to my eyes (I like my eyes) so I was real close to chickening out (glad I didn't) I tried to delay the experiance by talking to the guy doing the piercing, DUDE, but that didn't work too well, Next thing I know he's got the needle in his hand and something metal (i didn't look at it to see what it was, hell, i wasn't looking at anything but the back of my eyelids!) in my nose to stop the needle. He warned me that my eyes might tear a little. So I sat there with my eyes closed tightly, my jaw locked shut to keep me from crying out in pain (just in case) and my hands clamped together in my lap to keep myself from shaking and my legs wrapped around the footrest on the chair to keep my legs from shaking (I fidget when I'm nervouse and I was REALLY nervouse) As the needle went through the flesh of my nose I felt a little sting as if a bee had just stung my nose. Then he said to sit still and I did (like I was going anywhere with a needle in my nose!) He pulled the needle out and put in the ring (he said it would be better to start with a ring and when it heals go to a nostril screw) The real pain came when he was trying to get the bead on the ring he pulled the ring this way and that, and closed the ring, opened it back up and closed it again and opened it again (trying to get the bead in correctly) after about 3 tries, he got it and i breathed out for the first time since I closed my eyes. Then he sprayed something on it and turned it and the tears rolled down my cheeks (just the ones that were welled up in my eyes) and he told me to look in the mirror. I did and said to my boyfriend, "Now I really am a freak". He laughed at me because of the look on my face ( I can't describe it cause I didn't see it, he did) Then I made the stupid decision to try to get up and walk to the door but I got as far as the other chair and sat down before blacking out. :) ( go ahead, laugh!) I didn't really black out but I almost did, my vision blurred and my ears were ringing and I could hardly breathe, I heard DUDE ask if I needed water but I said no that I had a Mountain Dew in the car. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to the car the second time I got up but I did. (thank god!) I got to the car and sat in the drivers seat for two min. trying to gather enough strength to drive my beau home and to my moms office to show my new unnatural hole to my mom then to my house to fall asleep. I needed sugar and something to drink, my mouth had gone dry. I popped a tic tac into my mouth and that sufficed until we got to a Mobil to get water because my Mountain Dew had gotten warm in the car. Then I was headed toward the highway, I95. I dropped him off at his house and headed toward my mom's office. When I got to there, there were about 4 other people there besides my mom. I walked up to her and said HI and it took her a min. to see that it was me, (she was too involved with her work i guess). Before I left she asked me to pick up my sister at daycare so she wouldn't have to. I did and my five year old sister said, after she saw my new piercing, that she wantedone too. Then we went home and as soon as I hit the couch, I was out! Well, It's been 2 weeks and a day since then and It is healing quite well. I've got my eyes open for a cool nostril screw for it because I don't want the ring, it feels wierd to me. I am definetly getting used to the hole in my nose. It's beginning to look good on me and It helped me get a job at Hot Topic in the Crystal Mall [check it out at -- ( http://www.hottopic.com )] But all in all, I love my nose ring, it is #7 of all the unnatural holes in my body.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Electric+Graffitti
Location: Groton%2C+CT

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