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Septum pierce and Stretch to 6ga

ere to begin. Background. As I have read in many experiences with septums, I did not like to piercing when I first saw it. I thought it was more of a sign of slavery, like a work bull. That all changed when I met Magie May. She was a little cutie who happened to have a septum piercing. She kept a retainer in it so it was about a month of seeing her around before she flipped it down to show me. Wow, what a hidden wonder. This little fragile being had a needle penatrate her a part of her face, and she was so modest about it to keep it a secret. How special, how intriguing, how Arousing! Getting Closer... Well, I have been in and out of Drug treatment centers and institutions since I was 14. I am now 19 and have been straight and clean for three years. Every year for the past three years, I have the need to in some way prove to myself that I am no longer a slave to my misery. I have to RECLAIM my body. The first year, I got a frenum. The second year I got a PA. This year I needed something new, non genital, but hide-able and private. So I thought back to little Magie May. I opted to have my septum pierced. The search... I searched for a reputable piercing shop in my new area of domicile. The only place I found I could trust from my search was Eternal Art. I stopped by to check out the studio and found a clean tidy place that seemed to come as close to sterile as you can get. I talked to the piercer on hand about it and he said that the septum was the only piercing he did not feel comfortable with giviving. He then immedietly said that the owner of the shop was the only person he knew that was excellent at alignment and the rest. He told me to come back in the next morning and bring the $40. He would tell the owner, who normally doesn't do anything but tattoos, to expect me. I said,"Its a date." Piercing time... I arrived the next morning about a half hour after they opened. I had eaten already, and was anxious to get a new pierce. The owner greeted me and said he was expecting me. He then helped me pick out the jewelry and started to get things set up. As he was setting up he told me about what to expect and how to take care of my piercing. He then had me stand straight up and he cleaned the area with alcohol and the wiped it dry. He then marked its placement with the help of a recieving tube. He then asked me to sit back and relaxed. I sat back and started to feel this rush coming. My heart was pounding, my throart went dry, my stomach was churning, etc. I managed to get out the words,"just say when," as he put the needle up to my nose. He told me to take a deep inhale through my mouth. I did and just when my lungs were completely filled, "pop." I heard the needle penetrate. My eyes immediatly started watering. There was a burning sensation in the tip of my nose, but NO UNBEARABLE GUTWRINCHING SHARP PAIN! Just some burning and eye watering. I jumped up and looked in the mirror. PERFECT. Right on the marks he made. How quick and easy was that. Healing... Healing went fine and after about 6 weeks it was completey healed. All I did was soak it twice a day (its funny to see somepne with their nose stuck in a cup)and clean it with dilluted antibacterial soap. Stretching... Now this was the painful part. After having my hidden wonder for a while I had the urge to expand. I grew tired of the tiny 14ga. I have tapers from 12 to 2. So I thought lets stretch.I buy my own SS wire and rods to make my jewelry. I am blessed to have a father who loves machines and he has a large collection of moto drill attatchments for all stages of polishing. So I made retainers from 12 to 6. They get very hard to make after 10ga! Its not easy to bend fat metal into sharp cornered pieces. Next I cleaned the jewelry and taper with dial antibacterial soap and the soaked them in alcohol. I then proceeded to stretch. I wait about 3 weeks between stretches! Every stretch has been even more painful then the first. I use water and bactine for lube. It is so much more painful then the actual pierce.

The last one so far was a 6ga. Pain, that was 3 days ago and is still so soar. I maintain the same cleaning procedure as the original pierce. It will be a while before I go any further! I fear I might have gone to far, to quick and started a rejection. I plan on going to get an antibiotic from a doctor I know before it gets any worse. It is feeling a bit calmer today though. Summary... In summary, I love this piercing. It holds a spiritual meaning for me. It is symbolic of my freedom, my taking back my body! I would recommend this piercing to anyone who seeks a concealable facial piercing. I love it and it has granted me the freedom I sought.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: manager+%28forgot+his+name%29
Studio: Eternal+Art
Location: Sarasota%2CFL

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