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fuck Fuck FUCK!!!

a few weeks ago..it hit me. People with multiple piercings know what Im talking about. Its called, 'The piercing bug.' One day a rush comes over you that says 'I MUST HAVE A NEW PIERCING!!!' Thats what happened to me...again. After figuring out who would be piercing me (Im only 17 and my normal guy started carding all of a sudden..RRR!) came the hard part. What should I get pierced?!?! Ive had my tongue done before and both nipples, one done twice over. Bearing in mind the consequences that would befall me from both work and father dearest, it had to be something I could hide. So, I searched through BME for a few nights in a row and fell in absolute LOVE with an Industrial. I had to have it. But then, alas...I came upon the 'Nose' category...and once again fell in love, but with a septum piercing this time. Well obviousley had to have them both! Duh! :) Well, my friend was coming home on leave from the military and his best friend is a piercer. He had pierced one of my nipples before and did a pretty good job, so, I asked my friend to get him to pierce me. He said he would, no prob! So I go to The Body Gallery II and buy my jewelry from Piercer Bob. He asked me who was doing my piercings and I told him my friends best friend is a piercer. He just looked at me and told me if it got screwed up he'd fix it for me. Stellar! Piercer Bob has a pretty good rep and a lot of my friends new him. So...I just decided to have him do it! I called Piercer Bob a few days later and asked him to pierce me and a few of my friends. Knowing we were all 17, he told us to come a few minutes after the shop had closed, and he would be there. So, a few hours pass by, I pick up my friends, and were off! We got there and he was busy with another piercing (just a stinkin NAVEL and the girl looked like she was going to burst out in tears!) so we had to wait a little while. After we waited patiently, he pierced my friends tragus and then I was up! Bob was VERY professional. Sprayed down the area after each piercing with dissinfectant and let it sit for 10 minutes (something my other piercer NEVER did) and was ready! He got everything set up, measured my ear a million times just to make sure the barbell would fit, got the needle and circular barbell ready for my septum, changed his gloves once again (it seems like he changed them a million times throughout all of my piercings, which was very reassuring) and told me to lay down. He marked the spots where the barbell would enter and exit, let me check them to make sure, laid me down again, counted to 3...and WHAM!!! All I can say is PAIN!!!! And I bled like a frekin hemophyliac! Blood was all over my ear and my entire lower body and crumpled and my feet were up by my ass. My friend said I looked like a rolly polly that had just been harrased. So, he cleans me up a little, swears at my hair for getting in the way a little, counts to three again and...WHAM!!! Oh god, it was horrible. Then he had to put the frekin barbell in. Well, I lived. With a smile on my face I looked in the mirror at my new piercing...IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I loved it! Then i was reminded by my friends I had another one to go. Damn. Forgot about the nose. Bob gave me a minute er two and after the light headedness went away, I laid down again. Remembering the pain I had just gone through, I asked, 'This is gonna hurt like hell isnt it?' He told me, 'It doesnt hurt that much when I do 'em right' Smartass. He told me it would probably hurt but just to relax. He put the receiving tube up to one side and had the needle on the other and asked if i was ready. Out of wimpishness and feeling somewhat rushed, I said 'No!' Well, I think Bob was kinda pissed cause he had worked himself up to pierce me and then I wimped out. So I said 'Ok Ok Just do it!' He counts to three and...fuck Fuck FUCK!!! Comes out of my mouth! 'FUCK ME BOB!!!! GOD DAMNIT!!!' This one hurt even more then my ear! And that was two holes! But, I lived through this one too and after piercing another friend, we were gone. They really didnt hurt at all that night...or the night after...or tonight...3 days after its been pierced. Neither one has really bled at all. Im cleaning them both with a Q-Tip and bactine..good shit! :) The septum was doing just fine with just the bactine, but, I just couldnt seem to clean the Industrial all that well. After 3 days I could still see blood left over from the night it was pierced. Not that I hadnt cleaned it best I could, I just couldnt get the fuck past the bar! So, I went to another piercing shop tonight (it was closer) and asked them what I should do about it. Well, two of the piercers were there tonight and they both had a cow! 'he shouldnt have put a barbell in that yet,' 'he didnt get the cartilage,' 'its not gonna heal right,' blah blah blah. Well, whatever. Im just figuring most piercers hate each other cause Ive known quite a few and none of them ever have a good thing to say about another one. So, they sent me home telling me to move the barbell through my ear and use a lot of dial soap. Damn that hurt. But, it feels a lot better, and Im just in love! Everyone loves the Industrial because not too many people have it (or at least not here) but most are kind of scared of the septum piercing. Something about looking like a bull. Hmm... But, Im thrilled and couldnt be happier! They both hurt like hell but in the end were more then worth it. At least, so far.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Piercer+Bob%21
Studio: Body+Gallary+II
Location: Indiana

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