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Run at me with that needle!

starting out...I live in a small town of around 1200 people and challenge myself to find new and varying ways to screw with these small town suburbinites heads. You gotta screw with people. Well I talked about it and went over several different ideas (septum...no, nipple...no, bridge...no, lip...no, tounge...already been done.) it's wierd because some of the more popular people were peircing their tongues but no other territory would be discovered by them...so it was my turn. You see what I am up against. Well after some time to ponder (almost a year) i made an appointment and took the 30 minute trip. In minnesota you have to be sixteen in wisconsin you have to be seventeen...living on the border is neat. So there i am in the parlor...looking through tattoo and piercing books with pictures that frighten the hell out of me. my friend, who had come to peirce his ear again, was quickly turned away by the fact that an earring is way to much at one of these saloons. he resided back in the leather chair to continue looking through the tattoo and piercing books. After a while i went and sat down to check out the nose ring pics. while we paged through...up came the genitalia pictures. whoa. first thing out of my friends lips when we turned to the female page was "is that a padlock!?!?!" it was...that lady ain't lettin no one in. the man walked up "what do you want done?" "nostril" "where?" "right side" "what ring?" "that one" "that'll be $35" "ok" "follow me" "sit there" he places the dot..."is that good" "sure is" "ready?" "Yeah" OUCH the pin was then pushed through a large portion of tight cartilage which caused my eyes to water. "makes your eyes water doesn't it?" "yeah!" he handed me a tissue and went over a gigantic list of rules to keep me from becoming infected and my nose from falling off. In summary the piercing was deffinitaly more painful than an earring but is only sore for a week or so and then resides. They said it would talk around 2 months to heal but it is almost completely healed now and it has been a month. 1) don't ever let anyone tell you a piercing didn't hurt...there is always some amount of pain involved in driving a metal object through your body...it's just the persons perception of pain...or their need to not look like a person with nerve endings in front of their friends. 2) The healing process is a decent one. I have a surgical steel ring with a small ball at the end. They told me to keep it clean by applying dial antibacterial soap from a tiny squeez bottle onto a q-tip...apply it to the ring...move it back and forth at least 6 times and then wash off the soap. in the first week or two the process stings or the yucky crap your body produces gets stuck to the ring and their is a little pain when breaking the bond, but all in all it's no problem. 3) people look at you different. that is certain. kids are afraid of me...which is wierd cause if i took it out they wouldn't...little wimps need to be exposed to a little bit more of the real world casue they may end up working with someone like me in the future and i am really not bad at all. 4) Sarcastic friends who don't have gall enough to do it themselves will poke fun...but it's really not a big deal. 5) my mom doesn't mind it at all...my sister hates it although she has this sick thing about her where she thinks anyone who has anything other than their ears peirced is a freak and cannot bathe hold a job or speak coherently becasue of a peirceing...but then again she is dumb. 6)People, people , people take care of your peircings!!! it's not hard at all and there is nothing that i can think of that is worse than $35 dollars going down the drain after you have endured that pain...it's not a worthy trade. Wash the ring twice a day...avoid dunking your head in public water supplys like rivers lakes pools...that kind of thing. don't touch it or let anyone else by that matter touch it. move it so it doesn't heal with the puncture. 7) don't worry about telling others wether it hurt or not...they won't care...it hurts if it does and it won't if it doesn't but don't lie...it's unbecomeing. feel free to e-mail me Good luck with future piercing experiences Peace

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Tigerlilys
Location: Stockton+Minnesota

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