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Lucky Me (what I go through to keep holes in my body)

my lip, tongue, and ears pierced. I am only 15, therefore my Mom is pretty cool. Seeing as how all my facial piercings were focused around my mouth I decided I wanted to get something else to balance things out. I finally decided on my nose, on the opposite side as my lip ring (shich would be the left). I talked to my mom, she seemed pretty cool with it (besides the fact that I have allergies, and it took 15 hours of convincing her that I would NOT rip my nose apart if I blew my nose), and seeing as how I was paying for everything. But she won’t let me get a ring. I went with it, a piercing is a piercing. We just show up at the piercing shop (the only one in town) and I tell them I want my nose done. We do the paperwork thing and then I go into a little compartment and sit in the space-age looking chair and try and get a little comfortable. Then, he busts out with the ring. My mother flips out and starts yelling at poor guy. Accusing him of trying to be “sneaky” and pierce me with a ring and not a stud. I calm mother down and explain that I need him to pierce me with a nose screw. All is well. Rudy handled it very well. For Christ’s sake, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, I thought someone pierced her by accident. You know the routine, cleans up the nose, marks it (he already had the sterilized needles, clamps etc. sitting on a metal tray with a paper towel under it.) I approve of the placement and then comes the fun part. He was piercing me with quite a long needle (18 ga, and about 3 or 4 inches long) and nothing was protecting my septum from being stabbed. It took him a full, 15 seconds to get the needle through, with the sharp end threatening my septum as he pulled the nose screw through. I went very light headed, VERY VERY lightheaded and almost started laughing. It was a little bit of a struggle, and medium pain…but when I saw it in the mirror, I was happy with it. The only thing that kinda caught me off guard was the blood. My tongue didn’t bleed, my lip didn’t bleed, and my ears didn’t bleed. My nose…BLED. I hadn’t noticed while he pierced it that a couple drops of blood had rolled down the needle and onto my shirt. Nor had I noticed that there was a considerably large puddle of blood around the actual stud. I knew I didn’t want it to dry there, but I was scared to touch it. I cleaned it when I got home and had some pie. The next day I was minding my own business putting on makeup when my hand BARLEY skimmed the nose jewelry and it fell out. I was devastated and very pissed off. I finally find the tiny piece of metal amidst my thick carpet and I run to a mirror to try and put it back in. After about 10 minutes of blood, pain and almost tears, I give up. Either I am a complete fucking moron, or this nose screw was NOT gonna go in the hole. Maybe it was the angle, maybe it was the swelling, but the piece of shit was NOT cooperating. I just put an earring in my nose and waited for my mom to get home so we could go back to shop to have THEM try to put it in. Rudy was not having any more luck than I. After MORE blood and more pain and more of that eye watering business, he decided to put a taper through and try and pull the jewelry through that way. He only had a 16 ga taper on hand. Close enough I guess. Mind you my nose is very tender at this point and disturbingly swollen. He puts the taper through, but the fucking screw WILL NOT go in. Finally he just took some tool and straightened the curved part out and it went in fine. Pain, zinc OD, and Neosporin abuse for the next 3 days. Zinc really does help speed up the healing process for all you slow healers out there. But anyway, it healed fine after the trauma. It falls out occasionally due to the altering of the jewelry, but hey, one more hole in my head equals happiness. If you have any questions or you think piercings are really awesome and you want to talk to me or anything like that. Feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for reading, and 800 word min. limits suck :)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Rudy
Studio: I+don%27t+think+I+should+say....
Location: Prescott+AZ

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