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My First Facial Piercing Expiriene (NOSE!)

it all started out with me wanting to get my tongue pierced and my mom said "Absolutly NOT!" So I kept bugging her and bugging her, then one day she got home, she had went out to lunch with a friend, Jen(who has a piercing already), and said "I was talking to Jen and she said that she thinks you would look cute with your eyebrow pierced insted of your tongue" I said "OK well do you think that I should do it?" She said "I don't know. We will have to discuss it some more." And we did. So I went on the internet to do some research on the piercing. I looked at pictures and read a lot of stories(Thanks BME!) and I was curious about what other piercings could be done. So I looked at a bunch of other piercing pictures and read a lot more stories and printed some out some picture out to show her what could be done and what it would look like. So me and my mom talked and I thought that a nose piercing would look better on me and probably would be less likely to get infected. So I talked to my mom about it and she said, "Are you sure that you want to go through it?" I said YES! Of course I do. "So she asked are you doing this because someone else has it done?" I informed her that I didn't know anyone with anything but their ears pierced. She said "Are you doing this for you or for someone else?" I said ME! One day we stopped by the piercing and tattoo place to see how clean it was and to check on prices. We were impressed and liked the environment.So one afternoon I said "Is today the day that I am going to go get my nose pierced?" So she said "I don't know", which is what she told me everyday when I asked. She said we are going to the store, and told me to come along. And we ended up in the piercing parlor. The lady said "So you decided to let her go through with it?" because she remembered us from when we stopped in to check the place out. I picked out some jewelery and my mom said no hoops so I picked out a cute stud with a cubic zirconial in it and then sat in the chair. The piercer showed me how sterile it was and that it was a new needle. She took the clamp out of the bag and then she sterilized the needle neven more. And sterilized the ring. She put the clamp on my nose. Well, she told me to count to three and then take a deep breath and close my eyes. I did. She pusehed the needle in and I was surprised it barely hurt at all. So she screwed in the nosering and I had to wipe the tear from my eye because it was watering(It is a natural reaction, so no you are not a wimp if you to shed a tear!) and said WOW! Its over? And she handed me the mirror, I looked in it and I thought that it looked really, really good. She told me what I was to clean it with and how often and gave me the number and told me to call if I thought that anything was wrong or had any suspisions. We went to the store that night and bought the Bactine and the Sea Salt to clean it with. I am to clean it 2 times a day. I clean it when I am supposed to and keep it as clean as possible. I take my cleaning stuff wherever I go to spend the night because the last thing that I want it to do is to get infected. I love it and even though some people don't that is their opinion and it was my decision to do it and it is my nose not theirs. And when people ask why my mom let me do it she simply says "Well, she is a very good student and keeps herself out of trouble she could be out doing drugs and shes not." I would recomend it to anyone who is willing to go through with it. So if you have any questions or anything just feel free to ask me e-mail me with any of it. Make sure that it is a new needle because you could easily get aids or other life threatening diseases i've heard it happen and don't think that it wont happen to you because if you don't check you never know what is on that needle! So make sure it is new! BYE! Have a nice day!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Rachelle+%28I+thinks+thats+how+you+spell+it%29
Studio: Electrick+Crayons
Location: Port+Orchrad%2FGorst%2C+Washintgon

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