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An Interesting Experience, My Septum

ing my septum was a very different experience than all my other piercings were. In my short life (13 years) I have pierced my ears six times (only four of which remain), my ankle (which had to be taken out, sadly), my naval, my tongue frenulum, both traguses (tragi?), and now my lovely septum. Not a bad collection I think. I was searching through BME for something new to pierce and I had decided to either pierce my lip frenulum (frowny) or to pierce my septum. I attempted the frowny with no success because it is such a small area and really slippery. I wouldn't attempt it yourself unless you have someone to hold your lip down for you. So by process of elimination I was going to pierce my septum. I figured it wouldn't be to hard to conceal a septum since not a lot of people like to stare up into my nose. Picking out jewelry was pretty easy since I have a large nose and pretty much anything would fit up there. I decided (with some help from my sister) to get a silver 14 gauge curved barbell. I took the ring home and put it in a pot of boiling salt water with the sewing needle I got from my mothers sewing maching and let them both boil for about 45 minutes. When they were done boiling I gathered my supplies up and took them to my room. I wiped off the inside of my nose with alcohol and then with a sanitary towelette. Then I wiped the needle and jewelry off with more alcohol. I was almost ready to pierce. I picked up the needle and pressed it to the skin just below the cartilage. I had heard that this kind of piercing was incredibly painful so I blasted some music (Silverchair, Neon Ballroom A shameless plug), closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, and pushed. Insert profanity here. It hurt so much that I began to feel a burning sensation all over my body, soon the heat sort of encompased my body and than I went completely numb. This's the point when I dropped the needle. It fell out of my nose and I had to start all over again. Damn. It went into the hole that I had already started but since my nose was running like crazy (it just started when I started piercing, go figure) it was really hard to get a good grip. I had to take my thumb and ring finger and stick them up the same nostril (an incredible feat) and put one finger on either side of where the needle was to try and force it through. My eyes started watering like crazy and I was in pretty bad pain at this point (I was chewing on ice to minimize it), but I pressed a little harded and it punched right through with no added pain. The needle was through and I had just had the most incredible experience of my life. After the piercing I had an incredible adrenelin (spelling?) rush and for some reason couldn't stop jumping around. I was completely flipping out, but in a good way. Finally I settled down enough to pull out the needle and slide in the jewelry. I had a little trouble removing the needle because it was sort of backwards tapared. The point was thick and than got smaller as it got to the main part of the needle. I did get it out eventually, though. The jewelry went right in and the rush returned YEAH. I went downstairs and checked it out in the mirror, very cool. I was going for the male, butch effect with this piercing. I got it. I had to flip it up into my nose for awhile so as not to get noticed, but as soon as my parents went to sleep I flipped it down. I had some trouble with it sticking up after I flipped it down because it kept wanting to go up into my nose. Now it sort of points straight out. So I have had to tape it down. Since I just dyed my hair (purple haze) and I had to dye my eyebrows to (huge purple stains around eyebrows), with the black tape under my nose I look like some sort of odd combination of Hitler and Groucho Marx. It's very odd. But I'm very happy with my piercing and it flips up into my nose and is completely concealed. I haven't had any crusties which was strange but I've been soaking it with salt water everyday. I highly recommend this kind of piercing to anyone. My sight is http://gateway.to/anotherdimension and I'll have some pics of it up soon. If you want to email me you can do that to. Happy piercing everyone 8^) Peace, Love, Empathy Maleficent Twilight

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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