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My first Piercing

ril 23,1999 at 2:00pm i got my left nostril pierced for the first time!! It was awsome!! My friend and I got it done together and it was so cool!! It didnt hurt like everyone said it would and it went real fast!!! My friend had already got her belly button pierced and told me that i had to get my nose done first..... so we went in the back room and they made me lay down on a chair and by then i was terrified!!! I was 14 years old and i was so terrified my heart was beating and i was shaking!! she told me all about the procedure and what she would do! She then put a purple dot on my nose and where i wanted it to be and when i found the right spot she cleaned my nose and that was a wierd thing to have someones finger up my nose!! but then she put and needle to my nose and i closed my eyes and i was thinking "i was carzy for what i was doing" but then i felt a little poke and then a big poke and it was over!!! woo hoo i was so happy!!! Then my friend was next she went through the whole thing again and seeing how easy mine went she was like "no big deal" right?? Well hers was a whole diffrent experience the needle was ready to go in and POKE it went but hers wasnt diffrent!!!... the lady could not get the needle to go in all the way!! whitney was in so much pain she couldnt handle it and she was starting to cry! I was sitting there not knowing what to say or do to make her feel better so i was like "its okay just hold on hold on you will be okay" After the whole thing was over and we were done we were so thankful!!! Her and i were complete opposite: i got silver and the left side and the small ball and she got gold and the right and the bigger ball!!!! The second day i was cleanign it with a Q-tip and it got stuck and i ripped it out!! i was so upset so i was trying to put it back in and i was crying so hard cuz it hurt so so so so bad! When whitney came in she was like god your stupid!! andi was like shut up!! so my mom had to take me back in to addictions and they had to put another little needle in and i was like o my god what did i do!! but then it was over!! Now whitney was at a friends house sleeping and she had a runny nose and she woke up and her nose stud was gone!! she looked under her pillow and there it was and she had to go back and wait about 3 weeks to get it done again!! But this time she went with two other friends and they ened up getting theirs done!! so bonnie one of the girls went home and her sisters were like cool so they got theres done!! the list:angie lea bonnie nikki me whitney DeeDee all had our noses pierced and boy it was awsome!!!!!!!!

Heres a tip when your putting on makeup and you use foundation dont get it anywhere near your pirceing! one morning about 6:30 i was careless and got some in my piercing and before i could clean it out it was swollen and it wouldnt go down for about 2 months so i disupted the healing process and now iim almost time to get a new stud!!! I also play volleyball and i dont think they will let me play and i cant take it out and im kind of upset about it!!! I chose Addictions because my other friends had gotten it done at another place (i wont metion where) and all of her piercing have gotten infected and she keeps going back and back for more and they all get infected!! My friend Sutton got her nose pierced before i did and after wards she found out that this one person that perices it might shoot up before and i was totally not going there! i didnt want her to pierce my lip or something!! So i called around and i foudn addictions and i thought it would be the best place! Now about 6 months into the healing everthing is going good! its healling properly and im about ready to go in and get a new stud before school starts!! When about 20 im am going to get my tongue pierced!! i think that it would be so cool! Six of my friends have it done and i think it would so neat!!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: A+really+cool+lady
Studio: Addictions
Location: Salem%2C+Oregon

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