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My Fourth Piercing-The Septum

l, in the past year I have been bit by the piercing bug.I have one problem though, my mom is totally against it. So, i had to piercing things that can be hid. Lucky for me that my boyfriend Jason, is an underground piercer.

I got the pleasure of being his first victim. After much thought I decided to get my nipples done. He sterilized everything and clamped me, put the need through, slipped in a 14g CBR ,and one was done. It stung a little but was over very quickly. the second one I got a week later. This one didn't hurt at all. But, it was a bleeder

Well, that was four months ago and now they are all healed and have circular barbells in them. I had done my belly button myself a while ago and decided that piercing wasn't all that bad. I was exposed to it alot because of my boyfriend. So, i decided to get something else pierced. the first thing that came to my mind was my septum.

So, I told my boyfriend about it and he said that he would do it. But in the meantime before I got mine done he did his own( well actually a friend of his did, who had no idea what he was doing). It had to be done four times before it was straight! That didn't set my mind at ease much.

When the day finally came (about a month after I had said I wanted it done) I was really excited and not at all nervous. That quickly changed.

Jason told me he was going to put a 14 g stainless steel retainer in because it was hideable. So then he gave me a marker and told me to go mark the spot where i wanted it. I went into the bathroom and washed out my nose and started poking around. My nose is really small so it was hard for me to see and to maneuver the marker. So, I just made a dot and went back into the room.

Then he told me to lay down and he started telling me that it is very painful (well of course it would be for him, he had it done four times!) and made sure I wanted to go through with it.It made my eyes water just thinking of the supposed pain.But I knew that if I didn't go through with it I would regret it. So, he clamped me and decided that my nose was too small for him to use the receiving tube, so he didn't. He asked me if I was ready and pushed the needle through. I felt pressure but no pain at all! Then I looked down and saw the needle. It fascinated me. I couldn't even feel it ! ( later was I to find out that it was pierced no were near where I had marked it. I marked where the bone is in my nose, oops!) Then he slipped the retainer in and it was done!

Afterward he told me how to clean it and flip the retainer up. I was a little mad that he had gotten me all worked up over nothing. But i was too happy that he had done such a good job to stay mad at him for long.

That was three weeks ago and now I have a blue and purple circular barbell in and everything is going very good. I would definitely recommended it. The next thing to pierce is my tongue! I'll write about that experience later...

Well, now we get to my fifth piercing..my tongue..I had Jason pierce it when I got home from my sisters for a week..he was uneasy at doing it because of the fear of getitong caught..but I really wanted it done so he finally gave in and said he would pierce it...we both selected the jewelry he was going to put in it..he wanted to put in a 14 hide a barbell but it was still being ordered and wasn't ready..and I figured that if I didn't do it then, then I wasn't going to do it all...so..after all the good stuff...he told me what it was like to get his done....he then clamped it...making sure that I was happy with the placing..then he got all the sterilize equipment out..and then asked if I was ready...which I wasn't..so he waited..about 6 min after the fact I finally made up my mind to do it...and to my amazment..it felt like biting your tongue and then a weird sensation as the metal was sliding through my tongue..felt kinda neat..and then he said that I was pierced..he then slid the barbell onto the end of the needle and pushed it through..and of the endorphines were rushing by this point and my tongue was numb so I can't quite tell you what that felt like..other than the fact that the threads didn't catch and it didn't hurt at all..but then since my mouth is soo small he had to take the clamps off and then put the other ball on..which I was mainly the problem there because I wanted to put my tongue back into my mouth..but he finally held onto my tongue and then screwed the balls on tightly....he then told me how to clean it everyday and tighten the balls occansionally...but then the big problem..my mom found out the night after and made me take it out...parental figures..blah..but at least she didn't make me take out any of my other piercings..which she still doesn't know about..HeHe..she almost banned my BF from calling the house though..so..all in all, if you plan on getting your tongue pierced and are reading stories on BME to see if you should..it is one of the best things to get pierced..it is not a visisble piercing..unless you want it to be..and it has it's many plusses..

Please feel free to e-mail me with comments or questions at [email protected] or my Bf and an underground piercer [email protected] (also screen name is PunkTure on BME chat)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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