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my new addition

m not positive, but I think my desire (or should I say Obsession?) to get my nose pierced began one rainy day on the bus. My friend Jamie was mentioning how much she wanted to get her eye brow pierced. Not paying attention , as usual, I simply smiled and nodded until she asked me if I'd like to get anything pierced. I told her my nose. I did like the look of nose rings but I never planed to actually get it done.

Over the next couple of weeks, the idea of getting a nose ring started to

grow on me. I asked my friends what they thought about it. Most of them thought it was cool but one of my best friends, Lesley-Anne, absolutely hated the idea. I didn't care. I love (and live) to piss people off! Her disapproval just made me want more.

One weekend, my friend Amy and I, went shopping.   I hadn't intended on

getting my nose pierced that day but after hours of begging and bribing me, Amy had coaxed me into getting it done.

It only took us about 30 minutes to find a place that was willing to do

it. I was worried they wouldn't let me because of my age (I'm 14) and I didn't have a parent with me but they didn't care.

The lady sat me down in a chair and asked wich side I'd like it on.   I

had no idea. I didn't want to get it done and have everyone think I was gay just because of where my nose ring was placed. In the end it was up to Amy. She told me it would look better on the left. So the lady made a mark on my left nostril and took out this little gun (wich I later found out was a big mistake, it should be done with a needle.) I didn't really get nervous until she shoved it up my nose. I grabbed Amy's hand and shut my eye's. The gun clamped down and it was over. It didn't hurt at all. My eye's did tear a bit but considering a hole was just punched through my face, I'd say it was relatively painless.

When she handed me the mirror, I was afraid to look!   What if it looks

bad? What if its all swollen and oozing with blood? But it was fine. She had put in a small gold stud, just like one you would put in your ear, only without the butterfly clip on the back. At the time, I was too shocked to ask her any questions although now I wish I had. I payed her 25$ then we left and started shopping again. Almost as if nothing had happened, but I felt like I new person.

When my mom came and picked us up, I had completely forgotten about my new

addition. Mom just looked at me with a smile and was like... what the hell is that on your nose? She thought it was fake!!! So I tipped my head back, giving her a great view of my nasal passages. When she saw the gold spear jutting through the other side of my nostril, she just gasped! If only you could have seen the look on her face. It was sooo fun to watch.

Its been about 3 months sense that day and I'd have to say, my nose ring

has been quite the pain in the ass! When you have a stud in, you have to put tape on it every night so that it doesn't fall out during the night! Mine did fall out once and when I woke up... it was all healed over!!! Mad as hell, I took the stud and punched it through again. Not a good idea!

Eventually when swimming season came around, I had to get a knew nose

ring. One that wouldn't fall out in the water. So I went on a hunt for a store that carried lots os body piercing jewelry. I found it in a small store called "Modern Primitive". That's where I bought my nose screw. Its like a stud, only it curves around inside your nose. So finally I didn't have to where tape over my nose at night, and I could swim without worry.

I think my favorite part about my nose ring was that I was the only one in

my hole hick- town school that had one. Beaver Valley only had about 550 students but it still made me feel special. My friends couldn't believe it when I walked into school on Monday morning with a nose ring. Even Lesley-Anne came around (a little)!

Now I want to get my labret pierced (lip ring).   I'm still not sure if

I'm going to get it though. This time I'm going to find a good clean place that will use a needle. If I do decide to get it, you can be sure I'll send you my story. You can look for it soon.

If you've got any questions/comments you can e-mail me at [email protected] ~Lauren~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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